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according to eater number 10 eco Israel

it might not be the city with the most

name recognition in the country of

Israel but Arco certainly features

prominently on the culinary map in 2019

The Wall Street Journal called it

Israel’s best kept secret a

Mediterranean coastal city Arco is

arguably the single best place in the

country for fresh seafood but it also

does most traditional Israeli dishes

proud and because Akko is such a

multicultural city the food on offer is

similarly diverse drawing influence from

Palestine Yemen and beyond while there

are a handful of restaurants being run

by chefs at world-renowned like el masa

the vast majority of the mouth-watering

dishes you’ll try NACO at being served

from carts and unassuming little

restaurants and family-run

establishments the hummus olives baked

goods and seafood are all must rise

number 9 cork island cork is the second

largest city in island but it’s

definitely first in food cheap eats pub

grub baked goods international cuisine

gourmet preparations traditional plates

heck cork even excels at vegetarian food

thanks to Cafe Paradiso at the epicenter

of this incredible culinary scene is the

English market which can trace its roots

all the way back to 1788 the market

covers everything you could need but

it’s a local cheeses and meats along

with traditional cork market dishes that

you simply must try including tripe

Roisin and crow beans as for the

restaurants there are too many notable

ones to name on top of it all cork also

does BIA extremely well both traditional

preparations and craft beer cork is

without doubt the culinary capital

of ireland but we think that’s being

modest it can compete with the very best

that europe has to offer

number eight Marrakech Morocco if you’re

traveling in search of flavor this is

where you should get off Marrakech is

world-renowned for its heavily spiced

aromatic dishes for the record the food

of Marrakech isn’t typically spicy in

the hot sense but rather just heavily

  EXTREME Food in Dubai

treated with various savory spices

berries and fruit olives oranges and

lemons all of which are abundantly

available in the area are some of the

most commonly used ingredients you can

easily spend weeks in Marrakech and

still only managed to taste a fraction

of the dishes available but if there’s

one preparation that everyone should try

in their lifetime it’s the city’s

trademark Tangier Morocco

beef slow-cooked in a tagine with a

special blend of spices and smen a

clarified butter type ingredient that

has a strong cheesy flavour the city has

always done its traditional dish as well

but as its international reputation

Rises the food scene is also becoming

increasingly diverse and exciting number

seven Richmond Canada we know we know

after Marrakech a city that you have

likely never even heard of in Canada

seems like an odd choice but that

honestly just makes Richmond status as a

top-tier food destination all the more

impressive it’s really hard to earn it

Richmond is a coastal city in British

Columbia and is technically part of the

larger Metro Vancouver Regional District

Vancouver as a city does very well for

itself in terms of the culinary scene

but Richmond has notably pulled ahead as

a hyper concentrated area of authentic

and cutting-edge Asian cuisine Top Chef

Canada judge mizune Pak has gone so far

as to call Richmond the best to be found

outside of Asia the New York Times have

similarly singled out Richmond as having

perhaps the best Asian food in North

America and the best thing is there’s

great food in Richmond in every price

point number six malmö Sweden located at

Sweden’s southern extremity on the west

coast and being the country’s third

biggest city malmö hasn’t

generally being considered a must-visit

city in fact up until recently many

would have argued that its heyday had

long since come and gone but the last

two decades have seen the city looking

forward in a number of regards including

biotech architecture and its University

and when you manage to attract both new

businesses and students food isn’t far


today melman’s culinary scene is a

thriving one characterized by a focus on

local ingredients and minimizing waste

and unbridled creativity

perhaps most enticing is the fact that

it’s very much a global food scene inna

files take note Noma is on the cutting

edge of the natural wine trend ensuring

that a perfect pairing is always within

reach number five Nagoya Japan beginning

  Street Food Tour of VIETNAM

to notice a pattern us two cities that

are relatively secondary in terms of

population political importance and

economic clout seem to be fertile

breeding grounds for world-class

culinary scenes Nagoya is Japan’s

fourth-largest city but it doesn’t often

make it on two travel itineraries after

being added to the Michelin Guide in

2018 however Nagoya is finally getting

the attention it deserves from a

culinary perspective the major draw is

Nagoya meshy a culinary tradition

distinct to the city in the surrounding

region some of the most common elements

found in Nagoya cuisine are tamari

shrimp Cochin chicken and wide flat food

on noodles some of the dishes you must

absolutely try in Nagoya include tebah

sake a type of fried chicken tori wasa

organ meat sashimi and hitsumabushi an

eel dish number 4 Marseille France

France is widely considered to be among

the most influential nations culinary

wise in the world but while there’s no

shortage of great restaurants to try in

Paris the overwhelming number of

tourists can detract from the experience

especially for server has been dealing

with them all day

also the dish is being served tend to be

traditional in Marseille however French

cuisine is not only delicious and

refined but

so ambitious and unafraid to experiment

Marseille is bursting at the seams with

young talents and fresh palates who are

taking the French classics and

reinventing them by drawing from other

cultures especially those of northern

Africa in the Mediterranean the end

result is a culinary scene the feels

inspired and relative to Paris anyway

surprisingly affordable Marseille has

been experiencing a cultural Renaissance

and food is one of the driving forces

number three hyungjoon South Korea

Korean food has only fairly recently

begun to make major waves

internationally and now that people have

been exposed to its unique appeal the

newly converted are flocking to its

country of origin there’s plenty of

quality Korean food to be had in Seoul

but if you’re letting your taste buds

put together the itenary then the

coastal city of Jung Joo is where you’re

likely to wind up with only about a

quarter million residents it’s a small

city but it’s big on flavor the cuisine

of Hong Joo is in keeping with that of

kyeong sang province in that it’s

notably salty and spicy and Jung Joo

bread is a specialty that despite being

popular nationally originated in the

city either Kyung Joo specialties

include mud starch jelly Samba lettuce

  We Tried Egypt Street Food

wraps and haejangguk ox bone broth soup

though there are great meals to be had

at every price point you can honestly

eat extremely well even if limiting

yourself to Street food number 2

Monterrey Mexico northeastern Mexico is

a land of beef barbacoa and covered Ito

young goat grilled on a spit over embers

where weekends often feature carne asada

as a meal to bring the family together

in 2016 celebrated chef Guillermo

Gonzalez better stay in called Monterrey

Mexico’s best-kept gastronomic secret

and said that a focus on regional

cuisine is what makes it so special

the scene is overwhelmingly populated by

chef owners meaning that the food being

served is exactly what the chef wants to

be cooking and when a chef is allowed to

get creative and follow their instincts

you can taste the passion in every

i from the most humble hole-in-the-wall

joints turning out regional classics

from family recipes to the city’s most

high-end establishments bringing global

inspiration to the city one thing is

constant flavor always comes first

number one georgetown malaysia also

known as a city of Penang Island this

former British settlement is today a

foodie hub par excellence one of the

best places to eat in Asia and among the

top culinary destinations in the world

what makes Georgetown so special is that

it’s a melting pot that melds cuisines

from all across Southeast Asia and

beyond and the locals aren’t afraid to

get creative with fusion cuisine and the

best part is it’s mostly super

affordable street food being sold from

cuts and little stands with so many food

centric suburbs

streets and areas to explore including

goney drive new world path Julia Street

Penang Road and a a time it sometimes

feel like all of Georgetown is one big

food hall or Hawker Center you should

sample as much as you can but asam laksa

soup and poach an oyster omelet and nasi

kandar curry selection and curry mee

noodle soup must rise while you’re

digesting all that delicious food you

can walk around and appreciate the

city’s beautiful street art Georgetown

is truly a feast for the senses do you

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