EXTREME Food in Dubai

– All right, check it out, guys.

It’s Trevor James in Dubai.

Super pumped, bright and early.

We are going right away to a
full Yemeni Mandi goat platter.

Let’s go check it out, guys.

(upbeat music)

You’re gonna get hungry in this video

because today we’re super lucky to have

Mr. Mohammad Nasser Alkoudah

owner of Maraheb restaurant in Dubai,

bringing us in to see the full making

of Yemen’s most famous
dishes, like full Mandi goat,

Mandi chicken, Mandi barbecue chicken,

Mullawah Yemeni bread, Haneedh lamb,

Saltah Fahssa veal stew, and more.

Let’s eat.

We’re here bright and
early at Maraheb restaurant

and we are gonna go see the
full making of this Mandi.

Hi, Mohammed.

Nice to see you.

Nice to see you again.

– Happy to see you.
– Happy to see you.

– Welcome.

– [Trevor] So you made the longest line

of Mandi in the world.

Two Guinness world records here.

Largest display of Mandi, 4,888.

Was that 4,888 portions?

– Yes.
– Wow.

And we are going into the kitchen.

This is gonna be my first time ever seeing

and tasting a Yemeni Mandi dish.

Hey guys, how’s it going?

(speaking foreign language)

Oh, head chef.

Hi sir, how are you?

(speaking foreign language)

– Not bad.

– [Trevor] Oh, and here
comes the prized possession,

the full goat, amazing.

So this is gonna be for the
whole Yemeni goat platter.

– Exactly.
– Wow.

Wow, and here’s the Yemeni spices.

– [Mohammed] Exactly.

– [Trevor] Oh, wow.

It’s like the Yemeni masala.

– [Mohammed] Exactly, cardamom, oil.

– [Trevor] Cardamom.

– Salt.
– Salt.

[Trevor] Turmeric.

Wow, look at the spices in there.

You can actually see,

I think there’s caraway
seeds in there, too.

– [Mohammed] Exactly, yeah.

– [Trevor] Oh, it smells amazing.

You can smell cumin
(speaking foreign language).

Oh, look at that full goat platter.

This is amazing and this is a Yemeni dish,

cooked over a bed of fragrant rice.

Look at this, guys, that aroma
is just out of this world.

Oh, nice.

And this is gonna go over tons of rice

and Mohammed is gonna
show us the full process.

Oh, there it is, so full marinade now.

– Yeah, look at that.
– Finished.

So it’s got the caraway,
it’s got cumin, turmeric,

salt, pepper, coriander
seeds and it looks amazing.

Thank you for showing us, Mohammed.

– Sure, absolutely.

– [Trevor] Okay, and then here we go.

The full goat is going on to this tray.

Here it goes, guys, into the oven.

So Mohammed was just
explaining, this is to replace

the traditional underground
pit that these were made in.

Oh, and look at this, what’s this here?

– [Mohammed] This is the
chicken, we call it Madhbi.

– [Trevor] Madhbi chicken.

– [Mohammed] Madhbi chicken,
it’s like barbecue chicken.

And also, we have the
one, which is boneless.

We usually call it
(speaking foreign language).

(speaking foreign language)
but like in our middle nations.

– [Trevor] Wow, oh my.

– [Mohammed] So this is
the chicken Mandi oven.

– [Trevor] Chicken Mandi,
oh, let’s take a look.

– [Mohammed] You will like it.

– [Trevor] Wow, look
at that, Chicken Mandi.

So this is like a Yemeni chicken.

– [Mohammed] Absolutely and
it’s done by Yemeni chefs.

– [Trevor] Done by Yemen chefs.

So chef here is from
Yemen, you’re good name.

– Name, Mohad.
– Mohad, nice to meet you.

– [Trevor] And your good name.

– Padhur.
– Padhur.

So this is the secret
Yemeni chicken recipe.

– Mandi chicken.
– Mandi chicken.

Oh my goodness and look
at all these spices

for the Yemeni chicken and Yemeni goat.

So we’ve got cumin, we’ve got cloves,

different types of pepper and masala.

Tons of local spices, we’ve
got turmeric, it’s all here.

And we’ve been waiting two hours now

and the Yemeni Mandi full goat
is ready, let’s take a look.

Oh, here we go, this is it, two hours.

Oh, there it is, wow.

Look at that, it looks so soft.

Wow, and then this goes
on top of the rice?

– [Mohammed] Yeah, it’s going
to be on top of the rice.

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– On top of the Yemeni style.

– Exactly, we do it just now.

– [Trevor] Okay and then
Mohammed these up here,

are these like the leg pieces?

– This is the lamp piece.

Different parts.
– Different parts.

Lets take the rice out,
let’s look at the rice.

Yeah, here we go, whoa,
look at the color on that!

It’s huge, it’s so steaming, fresh and hot

and look at all the spices on there.

Oh, and he’s going to mix it up.

So what sort of spices go into this?

Wow, look at that, mixing it up.

You can see, oh, there’s a
little bit of a tomato on top?

(metal banging)
– We call it the chutney.

– [Trevor] Oh, the chutney, look at that.

(metal stirer banging)

So chef, what sort of
ingredients are in here?

Maybe you can ask?

(speaking foreign language)


Oh, this is the serving.

This is going to be for us
right here, look at this.

This is for our Yemeni Mandi platter.

Oh, oh, oh, look at that, wow.

This is all for the Yemeni
platter, the Mandi platter.

Oh my goodness, look
at the spices in there.

Wow, it smells incredible,
you can smell tomato,

you can smell the, oh, the turmeric aroma.

Oh, and look how he’s just
dancing with the rice.

Just making the rice fly so elegantly.

Wow, and look at the spices in there.

You can see the cloves,
you can see the tomato

and you can smell the bay leaves.

And this is all for the Mandi Platter?

– Yeah.
– Awesome.

Oh my, here it is, look at that.

And the full goat is going to
go on top of that, beautiful.

Oh, the onions.

– [Mohammed] Onion and like —

– The fried onion.
– Exactly.

– Oh, and then raisins, we’ve
got dried raises on there.

Okay and then here comes our goat.

Look at this, wow, it’s huge.

Okay, here we go, the Yemeni goat platter.

Oh, look at that, oh, it looks so juicy.

How old is this goat?

It’s a baby goat.
– It’s a baby goat.

All of them are baby goats,
we don’t get the big ones.

– [Trevor] More juicy.

– [Mohammed] Especially
for the whole meat thing.

We are getting the smallest one.

– [Trevor] That’s amazing,
look at the, oh —

– [Mohammed] You can see
how thin is the bones are.

– [Trevor] Oh, it’s so beautiful.

Oh my goodness and then
fresh tomatoes, onions

and lemons on top, look at
that, it’s so beautiful.

Decorated so nicely, thank you, Mohammed,

for showing us this
incredible Yemeni Mandi.

It’s so beautiful, look at
all the spices on there.

So we’ve got the raisins,
we’ve got the onion.

We’ve got the lemon, carrots

and then this is like
a Yemeni rice, right?

– Sella rice.
– Sella rice.

– Sella rice but the way of the cooking

that you can cook many
things with sella rice.

The way of Yemeni cooking is this.

– Beautiful, and I just love

how it’s covered in so many spices.

Okay, and then next step you were saying,

we’re going to make a
special dish here, right?

So what are we going to be making here?

– We called it Saltah Fahssa.

– Saltah Fahssa.

Oh man, and look at this,
we’re going to get a,

this is a veal dish, Yemeni
veal dish with lots of spices.

There’s tomato and onion.

There’s sweet green bell pepper.

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it, Ting?

Oh, there it is, wow, finished.

And this is the bread
station over here, right?

– [Mohammed] We demonstrate
something for you.

– [Trevor] Oh wow, look at
these giant tandoors, super hot.

Oh, and here’s the bread.

Beautiful, it looks like a cinnamon bun,

like all whirled up, look at that.

So it’s made into a big naan,
look at that skill, wow!

(bread slapping)

Oh, I’ve never seen a
bread making like this.

Okay, a little oil.

Oh, wow, and then some seeds.

These are the Epazote seeds.
– Epazote, yeah.

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– Wow and right in there, look at that.

Oh, it’s a thin, long circular bread.

Just look at that bread, it’s
just getting golden brown.

Here it comes, perfectly golden brown.

And there it is, look at
that, Yemeni flatbread.

Oh my, it smells fantastic,
thank you very much.

Oh, and what’s this here?

– This is Haneeth.
– Haneeth.

[Mohammed] Yeah, we
have ribs and shoulders.

– [Trevor] Oh, lamb
ribs and lamb shoulder.

– After this, we just
take it to the tandoor —

– To the tandoor.

– Yeah, just to get a little bit crispy

and then we serve it to the customers.

– [Trevor] Oh wow, you can
smell the cardamom in there.

Oh and there it goes, this is a haneedh.

– [Mohammed] Haneedh, yeah.

– [Trevor] Oh, into the tandoor,

look at that, right at the bottom.

And the flame goes up.

– So you get the crispy
without losing that juiciness.

– It will get naturally
crispy from the tandoor.

– Exactly.

– [Trevor] Okay, here it comes.

Whoa, look at that, so it’s first stewed

and then it’s put in
the tandoor, looks good.

Number one.
– Number one.

– [Trevor] Thank you.

Thank you very much,
Mohammed for showing us that.

– Thanks for coming.

– [Trevor] It’s a beautiful,
beautiful scene to witness.

Let’s take the shoes off

and look at this traditional
Yemeni seating area.

You can sit on the floor and
enjoy your full goat Mandi.

Awesome, and we got the
giant, giant flat bread here

and let’s wait for that Mandi.

Oh, and here it comes,
wow, look at the size.

Oh my, it’s a massive beauty.

Look at that, thank you, Vas.

That’s the Yemeni Mandi full goat platter.

Amazing, this is so beautiful.

And what an honor to have witness

the whole experience, guys,

Mohammed was saying that they will be able

to donate to charity
whatever we don’t finish.

Obviously, I’m not going to
eat a whole goat here today.

So I think I’m just going
to take a leg piece,

put it on my plate and
then we can do some good

and give the rest of
charity, look at that.

So this is a traditional
Yemeni Mandi Platter, right?

So it’s for a lot of the
time for celebrations

like weddings and —

– Any kind of gatherings we can have this.

– Actually the goat gets smaller

as it gets juicier in the oven.

So you really just get
the pure, juicy meat

and look at all the spices on there.

So how would you normally
eat this with hands or —

– Yeah, go head, go head, go head.

– Is that how it’s done?

– Yeah.
– Just take a leg.

Ooh, oh, look at that, look at that,

it just comes right off.

Just put that on the place there.

And then look at that giant bread.

That was an amazing thing to see

how he was just slapping it.

He’s still professional,
making that bread.

Oh wow, bubbling.

And then here’s the
special Yemeni veal dish.

Oh, it’s just like a stone pot.

– [Mohammed] It is a real stone.

– [Trevor] And you were saying

these are imported from Yemen.

– [Mohammed] Yeah, they engrave it there

and buy it from them.

– [Trevor] And they’re quite rare.

– [Mohammed] Well, it’s tough to get them.

– [Trevor] Tough to get them.

Oh, look at the tender
chunks of veal in there.

You can see the green bell peppers.

You can smell the aroma from the tomatoes.

Oh, that is amazing.

And you eat that with the bread.

– [Mohammed] With the bread.

These two are going to be with the bread.

– [Trevor] Wow, oh, thank you Mohammed.

Oh, and that’s the rice.

– [Mohammed] So we are doing this just,

we don’t want to touch the
whole lamp for donation

as per your request,

but usually we have it
directly from the big —

– From the big tray, thanks Mohammed.

So what are these three sauces here?

– [Mohammed] This is yogurt and cucumber,

This is a mix of a tomato sauce.

This is tomato sauce with cheese.

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– [Trevor] Tomato and cheese.

So this is the yogurt with
cucumber you were saying.

And you can just pour it on the rice?

Just for the first
bite, take a little bit.

Ooh, there it is, look at
that, yogurt, cucumber.

So it’s going to be
cooling and refreshing.

Let’s try it out.

Oh, mm, oh, that is delicious.

Oh wow, that rice is so
aromatic, it’s really light.

I like that, it’s like a light,
spiced Yemeni Mandi dish.

It’s more like a light
aromatic, I guess the tomatoes

and all of those spices in there

that really make it easy to eat.

And then the goat meat,
this just so juicy and soft.

And I love how it’s just,

all of the spices are really subtle,

so it’s smooth and it just goes down easy.

And then you’ve got the
sweetness from the raisins

and the aromatics from the onions

and then that yogurt
and cucumber is cooling.

So it’s a lot in one bite.

It’s just like a full
mouth enjoyment there.

Thanks Mohammed.
– Your welcome.

– And next up, so you’re saying

this can go on the rice as well?

– [Mohammed] You can have it with rice.

You can have it with the bread.

– [Trevor] That looks amazing.

Dubai has so much food

and so many cultures that
I’m just learning about.

You guys got to come to Dubai
and try all these flavors.

There’s so much here.

Oh, and here’s the bread, super hot bread.

– Is so crispy.
– And hot.

(bread crackling)
– Wow.

Thank you Mohammed and it
can go right on here, right?

Oh, that’s beautiful.

Let’s try it out, so this dish name is —

– Saltah Fahssa.

– Saltah Fahssa, let’s try it out.

Oh, that is fantastic.

Wow, that is out of this world, delicious.

So aromatic with tomatoes,
onions and the veal.

It’s like a rich veal stew, so nice.

And the stone part probably
gives it more flavor, right?

– More flavor and like it
stays hot for a long time.

– It stayed hot.

Oh, and then the bread is crispy

and it’s got that tandoori toasted aroma.

Thanks Muhammad, so nice.

(bread crispy and crackling)

Oh, look at that, oh, thanks Mohammed.

Beautiful naan, okay,
next up is this dish here.

So what’s this dish called?

– [Mohammed] Sahawiq, so
this we add cheese with it.

– [Trevor] So it’s like a
tomato sauce with cheese.

– Yeah, you will like it.

– So how do you eat it?

– Just dip it.
– Just dip it?

– [Trevor] Tomato, cheese,

and then look at the cumin on top of that.

And this is your favorite.

– [Mohammed] I like it.

– [Trevor] You used to have
this all the time for breakfast.

– [Mohammed] All the time for breakfast.

– Oh, wow, that is incredible.

It’s definitely spicy, you
can taste some chili in there.

Kind of like you can definitely taste

some cilantro in there as well.

A spiky tomato, cilantro, cheesy dip.

Okay, Ting, you got to try that out.

How’s that, really nice?

– Yeah.

– Thank you chef, it was so delicious.

How do you say it was
very delicious in Arabic?

(speaking foreign language)

Thank you very much, very
(foreign word), number one.

Thank you.
– Good?

– Very good.

Wow, that was just amazing.

We are full now, thank you, Mohammed.

– Your welcome.
– Beautiful meal.

The rest we are going to
wrap up and give to charity.

We didn’t touch any of it with our hands.

Thanks guys, that was amazing.

– Thank you guys, thanks for coming.

– Beautiful.

Great, and there’s all the bags
for charity, should be good.

Okay, that was great.

Thanks to Maraheb and Mohammed.

Thanks Mohammed.

– Thank you for coming.

– Amazing food.

Leave us a comment down below.

Would like to know what you
thought about this video.

Thanks for watching guys.

So good to be here in Dubai.