Peace be upon you. Bohemian Family!

We are in Oujda, the food paradise in eastern morocco

Today we’re gonna eat some amazing street food

and you will see why i called Oujda as a food paradise.

We are arrived in Oujda.

Peace be upon you.

How are you doing brother?

Good~ What do you have?

This is Merguez.

Isn’t it Boudan?

Yes, it’s Boudan.

Is this spleen? / Yes.

How much is this?

As you want from 5 MAD or 6 MAD…

Let me have one like this.

Do you want one sandwich? / Yes!

What’s inside of it?

Tripes and meat?

Also rice

made with rice? /Yes!

Chilli sauce? / Yes!

it’s crazy! / Delicious?

This is the best sandwich I ever tried on the street.

This is No.1 in Morocco.

Peace be upon you.

How much is per kilogram?

It’s 50 MAD per kilogram.

Let me have 3 sausages.

Peace be upon you.

What’s the traditional cookie of Oujda?

That’s over there.


Is this Kaak? / Yes.

What kind of seed inside of it?

It contains Flax seed.

it’s very crispy and it has the
right amount of aromatic seeds

It’s good!

and this one with egg and sesame seeds

I like plain one more than this.

How much is it per kilogram?

Is this famous in Oujda? / Yes!

Nador is famous for fish. / and here?

Kaak and Karan.

You know karan?! / Karan is like…

It’s made by chickpea.

Peace be upon you. How are you?

Are you Abdul Rahman? / Yes I am.

Is this Karan? / yes, it is.

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Its surface is moving

Look! it’s breathing.

Let me have one please.

with bread? /Yes.

Do you want some chilli? / Yes.

And a lemon Barida please.


So hot!!

the meaning of karan is hot!

karan tastes like a delicious chickpea pie

It tastes like Kalinti but…

Yes, it’s like Tanger Kalinti.

I watched your video of Tetouan.


Karan and Barida!

it’s like coffee and donuts together

Peace be upon you.

How are you doing?

Is this Restaurant Chez Lahssen? / Yes.

What’s the name of this? /Nfoussa.

It’s lamb’s testicle.

Huge Maakoda!

Potatoes fritters with eggs!

I’ve never seen like this before.

Let me have one please.

Lamb heads…

Roasted Lamb’s heads!!

What’s this?

Tanjia! wow it’s getting serious.

They are not chickens, right? /No.


Is it for pre-order?

available always? / Yes.

Even cow feet in the oven??

Roasted everything in the oven!

and legs of turkey…

This is the sauce!

This is Daghmera.

It also called Takhet.

It’s lamb’s testicle.

it’s very soft

Potato fritters cooked on hot plate.

Its texture like between Falafel and Maakoda.

wow look at this it’s very soft

The sauce is exactly same as Marrakech Tanjia.

I like this lemon flavor.

little bit of sauce

roasted turkey

potato fritter

Everything I tried in Oujda is nice!

this is huge sausage

It’s like Korean Sundae.

it’s really tasty roasted sausage

I love this soft bone marrow.

the best part of cow feet!

Peace be upon you.

we found the palestinian restaurant

Deep in the fermented butter.

Borghol (bulgur)

This is Kebbeh.


It’s filo dough of kunafa.

what’s the name of this?

Jben alakawi.

this is very light and naturally sweet

take like 30 minutes

It’s really nice humus.

It’s really good.

Delicious! crispy outside and juicy inside.

It’s awesome!

Peace be upon you. / How are you?

Is this chicken? / Yes.

Let me have a sandwich please.

Peace be upon you.

How are you doing?

What’s the best one here?

Everything is special!

What’s this? / Peanuts with oats.

This is with color and that is plain.

It’s oats peanuts!

Let me have 5 MAD of this.

What’s the name of this?

It’s Brazilian nuts.

Let me have 10 MAD of this.

Let me have 3 MAD of sunflower seed as well.

Thanks a lot!