I’m in Mexico City.

– I hope you’re having an amazing day.

It’s Mark Wiens.

I’m in Mexico City.

And Mexico Cit is one of
the, I mean without a doubt,

it’s one of the capitals of
food in the entire world.

I have an incredibly special
day to share with you today.

I’m about to meet up with Lalo

who is from La Ruta de la Garnacha.

He makes videos.

He’s a passionate food lover,

and he’s an expert on Mexican street food.

And right now, he’s gonna take me

and you on the ultimate best
tacos tour of Mexico City.

So get ready to eat the
best tacos in Mexico City.

Okay, say hello to Lalo.

– Yeah!

(upbeat music)

– [Mark] Where are we going to first?

– We are going to eat,

this is a taco, taco, the best
taco guide in Mexico City.

So we are going to eat tacos de canasta.

– [Mark] Oh, tacos de canasta.

– It’s for the morning.

– [Mark] In the basket, right?

– [Lalo] Yeah, in the basket.

– [Mark] Oh, that’s something
I haven’t tried yet.

– [Lalo] It’s amazing taco.

It’s cheap.

– [Mark] Awesome.

– [Lalo] It’s easy to get,
and it’s very delicious.

(upbeat music)

– Are tacos de canasta
normally eaten in the morning?

– [Lalo] In the morning.

– Or all throughout the whole day?

– No, no, no, only in the morning.

It’s more like seven to three p.m.

– Ah, okay.

There must be a couple
thousand tacos which are just

stacked up into that basket,
and they are steamed in there.

And what’s amazing about
these tacos de canasta

is that they remain warm

throughout the entire time
that they’re selling there

because all of them kinda
hold their heat together.

They’re stuffed within that
basket, so packed so tightly.

And then what’s also awesome

is they’ve got a blanket
to keep them warm.

Oh, this will keep you
warm in the morning too.

(man speaks in foreign language)

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

(man speaks in foreign language)

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

(man speaks in foreign language)

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

– [Lalo] Gracias, muchas gracias.

What’s up, man?

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

– We’re moving over here
to the salsa station,

and they have a couple
of different salsas.

This particular salsa right
here, it includes chicharron.

Oh, man.

How could they think of
anything better than that?

(Lalo laughs)

So we’re gonna start with the
chicharron taco de canasta,

and we added salsa de chicharron onto it.

So it’s chicharron on top of chicharron.

It’s fried pork skin on
top of fried pork skin.

That is all you could ask for.


Oh, wow.

Oh, that’s insane.

– [Lalo] So flavorful.

– [Mark] Yeah.

It’s so soft.

It’s just absorbed all of
the flavor from the sauce.

– Yeah, it’s so flavorful.

That chicarron,

it’s amazing.
– So good.


– It’s really big one, really big taco.

You know, for me, I think that the taco,

it’s the most delicious
thing in the world.


Because tortilla for the
Mexican, it’s our plate.

So we eat our plate.

Taco, it’s everything.

You put it on everything.

Sweet, so sweet.

– Very sweet.

Oh, really good.

The next taco is the mole verde.

You can see the green mole in there.

You can see there’s some meat,

and then you can see potatoes in here too.

So it’s actually quite hearty.

Mmm, oh.

Oh, that’s good too.

– [Lalo] Good chicken.

– So good.

You can taste the, maybe
the green chilies in there.

Then you can taste the potato
which is kind of creamy,

and then also the shreds of
chicken throughout there.

I think it would be even
better with some salsa.


Man, that salsa with the chicharron in it,

that’s a game changer.

– Yeah, we need to close the video.

That’s it.

– [Mark] That’s it, man.

– [Lalo] We end it.

We end it and say the salsa is the best.

– The tacos are amazing.

But with that salsa,
chicharron, it’s unbelievable.

(upbeat music)

– The salsa chicharron, it’s heaven.

– It’s superb.

Now that I’ve tried all three of them,

which one is your favorite?

– Chicharron.

– Yeah, for sure.

– Way chicharron.

– Without a doubt, that chicharron taco

with the chicharron salsa is the best.


– The name is Tacos Joven,
Taco de canasta Joven.

– [Man] Muchas gracias.

– Muchas gracias.

Hasta la huego.

Muchas gracias.

I couldn’t think of a
better way in the world

to start the day.

– Yeah. (laughs)

– That taco de chicharron,
that will change your life.

(Lalo laughs)

With that salsa de chicharron, oh, man.

(upbeat music)

– Okay, this is the place.

This was a really small place.

But now, it’s almost a corner.

See that.

– We’re gonna eat carnitas.

This is another meat palace.

This is a huge production here.

They have all sorts of
meats grilling over here,

but Lalo is taking me over here.

The main reason you have to
come here is for the carnitas.

– This is the place.

– It’s just like falling apart
in that glass cabinet there,

and they’re just pulling it off.

They’re chopping it up.

Oh, man.

Oh, man.

– You can order whatever you
want, the part of the pork.

– [Mark] Okay.

– If you want–

(Mark mumbles)

All of the pork are in carnitas,

so you can order whatever you want.

(speaks in foreign language)

(cook speaks in foreign language)

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

Look at that.

– Oh, they’re huge.

As they pull the meat out
of that tub of carnitas,

the whole thing shakes
because it’s so soft.

– Yeah.

– It wiggles.

And then you see them
chopping up the meat,

so they chop up the meat really fine.

Then they stop and they
put it in tortillas.

They’re double tortillas.

– Double tortillas.

– And then they add on
the, wow, they add on

the cilantro and onions.
– Cilantro and onion.

And Mark, this is your gift from Mexico.

– There’s a little indented
hole on this plate.

We’re gonna show you
what’s that for very soon.


(waiter speaks in foreign language)

I got two different types of carnitas.

One is a mix of meat and
fat, and then the other one–

– [Lalo] Costilla.

– [Mark] Costilla.

– [Lalo] Yeah.

– It’s a whole rib.

And you can see, in this taco,

there’s a whole bone in there.

And look at that meat!

Oh, that just looks fall apart tender.

Oh, that is unbelievable.

It’s gonna just slide off
the bone without a doubt.

That style, man.

That taco style, man.

We’ve got our tacos.

We’ve added the salsa.

And now, this is the most
genius plate you’ll ever see.

And it inserts just perfectly.

– [Lalo] On Coke.

– [Mark] Lalo, you’re a genius.

So you have hands free.

We can be filming, we can be eating tacos,

and we can hold our drinks–
– I’m drinking.

– [Mark] All at the same time.

– And answer the phone.

Hey, hi, mom.

I’m eating tacos.

(both laugh)

– I’m gonna squeeze on the
lime just to get that extra

citrus component which is a must in tacos.

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And I’m gonna go for this one first.

This is the carnita with a mix of skin.

You can see the chunks of skin down there.

Wow, that’s a lot of meat
stuck into a tortilla.



– [Lalo] The skin is soft.

– [Mark] It si.

– [Lalo] Yeah.

– [Mark] It just sorta like melts.

– Yeah.

– It melts.

– The salsa, it’s a little spicy.

(upbeat music)

– One of the things that’s
amazing about this taco

is it requires very, very little chewing.

Chew twice and you can swallow
it because it’s so soft.

And it’s just all,

it’s melting together with
that meat, with that skin.

The onions in there give it a crunch.

You’ve got the refreshing cilantro.

And then that salsa, and
then that squeeze of lime,

it just all comes together.

(upbeat music)

I have never had a taco
or seen a taco like this

with a bone, an entire bone
rib in the taco before.

So you can see, okay,

so there’s onions and there’s cilantro,

and then it’s the whole bone
of pork in here, the whole rib.

It’s inside of the taco.

So Lalo told me that you
can either take out the bone

right now or you can just start eating it

and just work your way around the bone.

I think I’m just gonna work
my way around the bone.

So you can pick up this entire thing.

I mean the tortillas are jus
there to hold it all together.

– [Lalo] Tortilla is so soft.

I think that rib or
costilla, they have a lot of,

a little more flavor because of them.

(upbeat music)

– That’s absolutely incredible.

You can see the bone in there,

so you just kinda work
your way around the bone.

That was like eating a taco drumstick.

Those carnitas were
absolutely spectacular.

That one with the rib

was a total new taco experience for me.

That’s literally like a taco drumstick.

It was amazing.

(upbeat music)

Okay, we picked up Ying and Mica.

They were sleeping before.

They missed all the breakfast tacos

but now, they’re coming with us.

(Lalo chuckles)

Where are we off to next?

– We are going to El Pescadito.

It’s a fish taco.

This is called El Pescadito.

They are from Hermosillo Sonora.

This is kind of restaurant I
know, but this is fish tacos.

So I think that everything of the sea,

we need to give due respect.

So this is kind, you
know, it looks like fancy,

but it’s cheap, and it’s great.

And they make you the
tacos in front of you.

(cook speaks in foreign language)

– Muchas gracias.

Wow, oh, man.

Things are really starting
to heat up on this taco tour.

I think I’m gonna have
to take off my jacket.

(Lalo laughs)

– [Lalo] And the belt.

– I’m gonna loosen the belt, man.

And we’re gonna go season them
with the salsas over there.

I’m just gonna load them up
and they’ll be ready to eat.

I can’t wait.

(upbeat music)

This is our third taco stop of the day.

And still, I’ve never been
so excited in my entire life

to eat tacos, man.
(Lalo laughs)

Oh, man, these are beautiful.

– [Lalo] And so much different.

– [Mark] The colors.

– [Lalo] You know.

– [Mark] Yes.

– [Lalo] Yeah.

– Yeah, totally different.

What I love about these
tacos is that they stuff

either cheese, we’ve got one
with cheese and one with fish.

It’s marlin?

– Yeah, marlin.

– Marlin fish.

They stuff it into a jalapeno,
and then they batter it,

and then they deep fry it
so you get it all crispy.

And then after that,
they assemble the taco.

So they grab the tortillas.

They chop up the jalapenos

with the cheese or with the marlin.

They chop it up.

They stuff it into the taco.

Then they add on,

he adds on some of the
fried shrimp after that.

And then you can top it with
all of your onions and salsas.

This thing is just
exploding with ingredients.

It’s just bulging.

They’re massive.

These are huge.

– Huge tacos.

– Okay, alright.

This is gonna be a big bite.

Oh, wow.

– You hit it.

I tell you. (laughs)

– Wow.

That’s almost like impossibly delicious.

That’s almost ridiculous how good that is.

The fish is so soft and tender and moist.

Then you get those deep fried shrimp

which have a little bounce
to them, that bouncy texture.

But they’re covered and deep fried too,

so they’re crunchy as well.

And then you get all those onions,

the refreshing pickled onions.

You’ve got the salsas in
there, the squeeze of lime.

Oh, that’s, that is, it’s unbelievable.

It will blow your taste buds.

And not to mention it’s
just absolutely huge.

That’s just a mouth explosion.

There’s so many ingredients in this taco.

I don’t even know how
it’s being held together.

It’s just barely, barely holding on,

holding together with that tortilla.

But the fillings are just
oozing out, just exploding.

You’ve got the salsa splatter all over.

(Lalo chuckles)

(upbeat music)

So one taco down, one to go.

But these tacos are seriously monstrous.

A normal size taco would maybe
be like a third this size.

But actually, come to
think of it, pretty much

all the tacos we’ve eaten
today have been monsters.

– I’m ready.

– Yeah, this is a taco workout.

(both laugh)

We are on a taco marathon today,
and we’ve only just begun.

– Yeah.

Actually, yes.

– Actually, yes.

(both laugh)

– This is only three kinds.

– Yeah, we’ve only–

– We’re going to go to–

– I don’t even know.

I don’t even know how many
we’re going to. (laughs)

But if you can see below here,
you can just see all of that

melted cheese in there,
oh, melted fried cheese.


– Cheers.

(upbeat music)

– [Mark] This is really good.

It’s rich.

It’s kinda salty.

You can taste how it really
mixed well with the jalapeno.

– [Lalo] The jalapeno is not as spicy.

It’s not as spicy.

– Oh, oh, I got a shrimp in that bite.

Okay, final bite.

I got a little cheese down left there

and also a half a shrimp.

Absolutely insane tacos.

So the cheese and the marlin,

for me, the clear winner was the marlin.

But both of them, they’re
absolutely stunning.

But when you come here, you cannot miss.

It’s the chile relleno de
marlin with the camarones,

with the shrimp, with everything.

The works.
– The cheese.

– With cheese.

That’s all you want in a taco.

That’s the life changer right there.

– The name is taco tote.

(upbeat music)

– [Mark] We’re on our
way to the next place.

– It’s called Tacos
Charly, the best suadero

in all Mexico City for me, for my opinion.

– That was about a 30-minute drive or so.

So that gave us a little
bit of time to rest.

This is the next place.

It’s a jacuzzi.

It’s a jacuzzi of bubbling suadero.

And Lalo was telling me

that’s from the front part of the cow.

– [Lalo] Yeah, cow.

– And it’s boiling in fat from the cow,

and it’s just bubbling away,

slow cooking to ultra tenderness.

– In this taqueria, I love the suadero.

That’s, for me, the best tacos.

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– That suadero specifically.


They also have pastor here, al pastor,

but we’ll be going to
another place for al pastor.

So we came here specifically
to eat the jacuzzi (mumbles).

– The suadero.

(upbeat music)

– The ultimate move that he pulls off

is he takes the tortillas,
he dips just a little bit

into the bubbling fat so the
flavor coats the tortilla.

And then he adds on just some
onions and some cilantro.

And then there’s a big bucket of salsa

which he just adds on
a little bit of salsa.

And Lalo has told me that they
do have salsas over there,

but he says the meat is so good here

so we’re just gonna eat it as
is, as they give it to you,

as the chef hands it to you.

These are like two or three
biter tacos as opposed to

the gigantic tacos that we’ve
been having so far today.

– This is the original
way to close a taco.

You put it one way, the other
way, forming like a belt,

and you put it three fingers.

That’s how don’t spread all the meat.

Keep this little finger up
because that made you class.

– [Mark] Taco holding
skills from an expert.

You kinda wrap it like this,

and then you hold your fingers like that.

– [Lalo] Exactly, and the little finger.

– [Mark] The little pinky goes out.

– [Lalo] That’s it.

– [Mark] That way, the meat
is encased into the tortilla.

Your fingers remain clean.

– [Lalo] Exactly, and give you class.

– We’re ready.


– Cheers.


Oh, that meat.

– [Lalo] Ah, but the sauce.

– Yeah, the whole
combination of everything.

But that meat, you can
like taste how oily,

but that oil is pure flavor.

– [Lalo] Exactly.

That’s the fat.

– [Mark] You taste the cow.

– [Lalo] Yeah, you taste the cow. (laughs)

– That is awesome.

Just taco after taco of pure joy.

– [Lalo] But you know, it’s different.

– [Mark] Totally different.

– [Lalo] Every single taco,
they have a different flavor.

They have a different recipe.

Everything is (mumbles).

– No two tacos have been
even close to the same

that we’ve tried today.

Another one.

– Another.

(upbeat music)

– That is meat heaven.

Oh, man.


(upbeat music)

This place is not that busy
now, but Lalo is saying

that in a few hours, they would be packed.

You can see the entire tub

is just full of meat bubbling away.

That’s all gonna sell out by today.

And you know why it’s gonna sell out,

because it is outstanding.

I’m outside now and
it’s looking kinda dark.

It looks like it’s about to rain.

Oh, I just felt a drop.

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

– Now it’s tacos de tripa.

– That’s good.

That’s coming up next.

(upbeat music)

It started downpouring on the drive

to the next taco
restaurant, but we made it.

This place is famous for tripa.

There are just poofs of steam just wafting

through this entire restaurant
and along the sidewalk

and throughout the street here.

And you can smell the organ meats.

So they specialize, okay,
Lalo has been (mumbles).

I mean again, they have all
sorts of different tacos here,

but the taco to eat here is
tripa which is the intestines.

And they have another massive vat

just full of the wrinkly, curly intestines

just slow simmering away
in their juices again.

Yes, you know I love it.

The meat steam bath at this
restaurant is just insane.


These guys are absolute taco wizards.

They chop up that meat and
they chop up that intestine

so fast, and they rip it
up, chopping on the board.

He gets the tortillas in his hands.

He just covers it and like
scoops it up with the tortilla.

The most magical part

is when they sizzle it on the hotplate,

and they bring it up
and it’s just sizzling.

– I like your way to say he’s a wizard.

– [Mark] Absolute beauties.

You can just see how
crunchy everything is too.


– Cheers.

Taco de tripa.

Crunchy on top, but soft in the middle.

– [Mark] That is on another level.

– Yeah, yeah.

– It’s crunchy.

It’s soft.

– At the same time. (chuckles)

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)

– Yeah.

The beauty of tripa is
how it’s crunchy and gooey

and soft and tender, all
textures in your mouth at once.


Muchas gracias.


Muchas gracias.

Those are one of those foods

that it really is not the
most pleasing to look at.

They’re kinda ugly, to be honest with you,

those wiggly, curly
intestines just sizzling.

But when they prepare it that way,

the flavor that comes out
of them and the textures,

the diversity of textures,
oh, it’ll blow your mind.

Okay, we still have more tacos to eat.

(upbeat music)

We’ve just pulled up to another taco.

This is a street food stall.

Oh, this is the lengua spot.

– Exactly.

This is one of my best
favorite tacos in Mexico

because this is a real street food.

If you came here, you can
order whatever you want

and it’s going to be
one of the best tacos.

I love it.

I really love it.

This is called Los Juanes
because sir is Juan,

and another is Juan, so
all of them are Juan.

(Lalo speaks in foreign language)


– Again, they have a mix
of different tacos here,

but we went with tacos de cabeza

which is from the head meat,

and then tacos de lengua
which is the tongue.

– Yeah, a big one.

– I have to tell you something.

When I was in university
and I would eat tacos a lot,

in Arizona, both of these two tacos,

especially lengua, was one of my top taco.

So it’s one of my favorite tacos of all.

Okay, we’re starting with the
head tacos, tacos de cabeza.

These are just like,
they’re like cone shaped.

They’re just sprouting.

– It’s so soft.

– Just taco after taco
of extreme deliciousness.

– For me, I need to say

that I need more head tacos to pull me.

I don’t know why, but it’s like okay,

I need more and then more and then more.

– You know, I mean head
tacos are one of those tacos

that a baby could eat
because they’re so soft.

– [Lalo] It’s really huge.

– [Mark] A beautiful thing.

– [Lalo] Yeah.

– It’s a whole slice of tongue.

They give you a tongue steak in this taco.

– Yeah, yeah, exactly.

– It’s just bulging with tongue.

– It’s a lot of tongue.

– Yeah.

Oh, okay.

– I think that this is the best part

of (mumbles) tacos, head tacos.

– Yeah.

– This is the best.

– Yeah, yup, okay.

Oh, yeah, we have to toast this one.

Oh, yeah.

That is just ultra
tender, ultra flavorful.

Dude, you still kept your fingers.

Lalo is an extreme expert.

Look at those clean fingers.

– [Lalo] Look at that.

– [Mark] Look at that pinky.

Look at my, there’s like 25
different salsas on my fingers.

(Lalo laughs)

I think some more taco practice.

– And the class.

(upbeat music)

Thank you very much, Mexico.

Thank you very much.

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– Gracias.

Muchas gracias.

Something that I love about them

is that it’s just a
really small production.

There’s just five guys
that are cooking tacos.

It’s not a commercialized–

– [Lalo] It’s like a family.

– [Mark] It is, yeah.

– And the customers are like
family too, just relatives.

– And even as we were just
sitting here or standing here

in the street watching the customers come,

you see people come
from all walks of life.

I mean they’re just coming from like

their condos right up here.

They walk down.

People come in their
pajamas, come to get tacos.

There’s no hate here.

It’s whatever you wanna
do, you come to eat tacos.

They serve you tacos.

They’re honest.

They’re so friendly.

This is an awesome spot.

This is the type of place
that I love to see succeed.

– Exactly.

– Yeah, they’re good guys, such good guys.

– And the funny thing is that

they are just front of the gym.

– Of the gym.

I will save the gym for tomorrow.

– [Lalo] It is ultimate tacos tour.

– [Mark] Yeah, how are you feeling?

– [Lalo] I’m fine, I’m fine.

– I’m feeling amazing.

– But the next place,
it’s the star of that.

Tacos al pastor is one of the best tacos

all around the world.

Because the really–

– The grand finale.

– The grand finale, exactly.

– [Mark] This has been
a mission impossible,

but we are gonna complete the mission.

– [Lalo] Of course.

– [Mark] We’re not giving up.

We’re putting in the taco fight today.

(Lalo laughs)

(upbeat music)

– This is El Vilsito.

The history about this
place that I like it,

in the morning, it’s a mechanic shop.

– [Mark] That’s awesome, that’s awesome.

– But at night, they open a taqueria.

So that’s amazing.

I love the pastor here and the salsa roja.

It’s so spicy and
really, really (mumbles).

– One thing to know about al pastor

is that it’s on the vertical spit.

Al pastor is the heavyweight
of tacos in Mexico City.

It’s the number one taco, right?

– For me, it’s the number one for Mexico.

– It’s everywhere.

It’s everywhere.

It’s so popular.

But what’s interesting about al pastor,

the method of cooking was brought over

by Lebanese immigrants, right?

– Exactly, exactly.

– So it’s,

I’m getting water dripping on me. (laughs)

– It’s raining now.

(upbeat music)

– My favorite part of him making it

is when at the final end,
he reaches up to the top,

there’s a whole pineapple.

He slices off a little piece of pineapple

directly into his handheld tortilla.

This guy is the absolute al pastor master.

He just flies on that knife.

He’s been shaving the
meat and making tacos

for over 18 years.

So 18 years to perfect his
skill, and he does it flawlessly.

We are ordering something
that Lalo has just told me

is gonna blow my mind.

It’s called a gringa.

And what they do is they
take a flour tortilla,

they put cheese on it, and
they actually flip it over

so that the cheese kinda
caramelizes on the hot griddle.

Once that browns and
once that’s caramelized,

they take that tortilla,
he puts it in his hand,

and he shaves off the al
pastor on top of the cheese,

into the tortilla, a bunch,

and then it’s like triple the size.

(dramatic music)

And that is a gringa.


It’s the grand finale.

This thing is taco perfection.

– This is a gringa.


Because the tortilla, it’s made by flour.

And then they put a cheese,

and then they put meat of the al pastor,

pineapples, cilantro,
and onion, and that’s it.

That’s beauty.

– [Mark] That is, yeah.

I mean I’ve just been impressed
all day with the different

tacos that we’ve been eating,
but this, oh, man, it’s like–

– [Lalo] Mona Lisa.

– [Mark] It’s another level.

This is another level.

– [Lalo] Like the Mona Lisa.

– He has so much skill.

It is time.

You can already tell it’s just gonna be

a messy just overflowing taco.

Look at the size of that.

There’s so much meat in there.

Oh, wow.

– It really was a nice day.

– An amazing day.

– An amazing day.

– Wow.

– [Lalo] Tacos al pastor is amazing.

The pineapple is so sweet.

It combines and mix with the meat.

– The meat has a little bit
of sourness from that vinegar.

You taste the cheese on the
bottom of that tortilla.

– [Lalo] It’s completely
different with a corn tortilla.

– [Mark] Yeah.

– [Lalo] Completely different, gringa.

– That is absolutely as good as it looks.

– Mark, do you want a really spicy salsa?

– Yeah, I’d love it.

– Great.

– Yeah, for sure.

– [Lalo] This is chile (mumbles).

It’s only for the people that…

That’s it, really.

– [Mark] Okay.

– [Lalo] Really?

– [Mark] Is it gonna be spicy?

– Watch this, watch this.

– I’m up for it, man.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, that’s awesome.

That is spicy.

It’s awesome.

– It is so spicy.

– [Mark] We have come to the
end of this ultimate best tacos

in Mexico City, Mexican food tour.

This is the last bite.


– [Lalo] Salud.

(dramatic music)

– We don’t need to say anything else.

That’s it.
– Yeah, what can I say?

It’s like.

– We have come to the end of this

ultimate best tacos tour of Mexico City.

A taco is just one of the greatest foods

in the entire world, without a doubt.

You cannot argue that.

It’s like a gift to humankind.

Tacos are insanely amazing,

and we ate so many different
types of tacos today.

I can’t even,

the tacos that we ate for this morning

seems like it was yesterday.

(Lalo laughs)

We ate so many different types of tacos.

– We loved the chicharron,
with chicharron.

But now, these.

– Oh, man.

Oh, yeah.

You can’t decide.

You can’t decide.

It depends on what mood you’re in

what taco would be the best for that time.

They were all absolutely incredible.

So I have to say a huge thank you to Lalo.

– No, no, no, thank you.

It’s an honor and a pleasure–

– It was an honor, man.

It was an honor.

You gotta check out Lalo.

He is La Ruta de la Garnacha on YouTube.

He makes awesome videos.

He loves to eat.

And he’s just such an
awesome, awesome guy, man.

– Thank you very much, man.

– So thank you very much, yeah.

– And garnacha means street food.

– Oh, awesome.

– Yeah, it’s kind of the
street food in Mexico City,

so that’s why I take that name.

– The route to the street food.

– The route of the street food.

– Cool.
– Yeah, it is.

– So yeah, he is the man for
street food in Mexico City.

And thank you all for watching the video.

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I’m gonna be publishing lots
more food and travel videos.

Thanks again for watching.

Goodbye from Mexico City.