Hello and good evening everyboby

At the present, it’s at about 6 pm in Saigon

Address: 391 Nguyễn Oanh street, Ward 17,

Gò Vấp District, Sài Gòn

The dish I would like to share to you guys today is PHỞ TRANG

It’s one of the most delicious, well-known and long-standing Pho eateries in this Gò vấp District

The space of this eatery is large and airy

Besides, there is an air-conditioned room inside

I am really impressed by the space and

this Pho eatery

Can you see that?

The number of beef

over there is

more than a whole cow

I just came here that’s why I didn’t still film the eatery address

But she’s completed the picking step

Let’s come with me and see more details

so as to introduce about this Phở Trang eatery as your reference

What is that Mrs.?

Did it last for a long time? About 2 hours and a half

When will it be cooked?

Wait more 30 minutes. Each 4 hours, we will cook a pot like that

Made from herbs and fresh grass… I can see this pot is so huge

No chemicals

500 liters

How many kilograms of beef? More than 100 kg

Those are beef ribs

Each dish is cooked in a different pot

A whole pot!

What are those in this cabinet? Ribs too

They are processed already to sell as the take-away beef hotpots

Besides Phở Bò ,what dish is eaten with beef ribs?

They’re take-away servings

It depends on their orders

We have countless prices such as

200,000 VND 300,000 VND up to … 700,000 VND

They can buy as the customer’s request

Each day, I sell a whole cow

A lot! To prepare, she’s ready to pick ribs up

Let me view in a generalized way

… I always pamper my customers

Like quantities like that, what time do you sell?

24/24 all day!

This is the first time I’ve met a surprising Beef noodle ( Phở Bò) eatery like that

How many times will you boil them up like that for a day?

4 pots of beef

So it’s the sort of thing I can boil in a pot

How large this piece is!

In general, for today

The head of cow isn’t boiled yet

that part is reserved for the next day

It’s not boiled already

Because one customer ordered this already

This broth is used for selling Phở ( a bowl of beef noodles)

That’s a reason why it is too delicious and yummy

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All broth pots are made by beef ribs… It’ll be sweet

A pot has 500 liters for a day and tomorrow I will cook a new one


like that!

Have you sold for a long time? From my grandmother to my generation, it’s about 100 years

Oh … really?

In the past, did you sell on the other place else? It’s originally from Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa

That house was small and tiny …

from my grandmother generation

Selling at there

Years later, we have opened a lot of eateries like this


What is the generation of you?


Third generation

More than 100 years

in Sài Gòn

In general, our relatives have countless eateries

I sell all the days without a break

We will have some days-off on Tet holidays

like 30th and 1st of the New Year

Only 2 days

On the other hand, I sell all the time

So that people living at this area that all know this dish of my family

Oh look!

500 liters

Now you’re boiling continuously or it’s done?

Wait more!

At 9 or 10 pm, I will pour this broth out …

to sell for tomorrow


Only using for Phở bowl

I have sold that broth for cooking Pho with nothing else

Let me request her to come inside in order to share in a general way

At present, I am standing at the kitchen area


Let me ask her about some dishes and materials

A lot of beef trays!

I can see there is an other stall, Are those two the same or different?

Yes they are the same

… you can order by your favour


Cooked by electricity

I can see plentiful kinds of beef, How about the price?

They are different … This piece of beef cut by my hand costs at 400,000 VND for 1 kg

Beef tendon costst at 350,000 VND for 1 kg

Beef tail costs at 450,000 VND for 1 kg

How about the price of Phở bowls?

This bowl is white and most special in her eating-house

It costs at 70,000 VND. All of them are placed on the stall

Tail, raw ,tendon, beefballs

cow’s tongue

Does it have any beef bones?

It depends on customer’s order

How about the lowest price of Phở bowl?

45,000 VND

Oh I see it. 2 kinds

Yes a cheapest bowl!

How about beef bones? You need to order!

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2 pieces of beef bone

This partion costs at 55,000 VND. I think customers order countless bowls of beef noodles ( Phở) and bones

2 stalls

This costs at 55,000 VND


She is so enthusiastic

She’s cutting that beef piece into an abundance of thin pieces

In particular, I find the owner of this eatery here is very cute

Several decades in the profession

Can you see that? She is standing and cutting some beef pieces and I can see her through the iron gate

A lot of bones and beef ….

Over there, I can see a lot of other materials and I think the kitchen area will add a few more people if the eatery gets crowded

So great!

Covered by glass

A large bowl of Beef ribs

I’ve filmed the picking step from her

More than a cow!

When I came in , this place is so monumental

What are you doing?

This part is used for selling Phở Tái ( a bowl of undercooked beef and noodes)

A whole cow has many parts for selling …

like …

The cow has many parts

Are you removing the white skin? No they are cooked for braised beef

We will cut completely

a bowl of undercooked beef and noodes will have beef pieces not being tough to bite

That’s all!

Yes those parts are braised to become

Braised beef

Or sell to people to make hot pot

This piece is used only for a undercooked beef dish huh?

Yes …

And the rest is used for making hot pot

She’ll put it in the machine to cut it

Can’t we get the big one? the large pieces only have cut by handles

Entering your eating-house, I can smell the scent of cow

I am impressed by the processing step

Usually the processing will be done in the back of the shop, but here you can see them doing it in front of your eyes

I love this smell

Over here is the foodstuff

Making food

I came early there, a little bit more will be very crowded

Sell a large number!

Inside the air-conditioned room is very crowded

What a free air-conditioned room!



55,000 VND

Can you see Ms. Trang working continuously?

All of pots are used by electricity

How much does this bowl cost? At 45,000 VND

This bowl for kids is at 40,000 VND

Oh a tiny bowl!

All of bones are in that net

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Now I can shoot a little and until rush hour

So nice! 45,000 VND

Some take-away servings!

The air-conditioned room be out of desk, I am currently outside

The first table

Only this corner is suit for me

I’ve ordered a bowl of beef noodles

with beef and bone

My serving costs at only

55,000 VND

And the price ranges from 45,000 VND to 55,000 VND

Oh a lot!

And that is a beef bone but I can see it has meaty to eat!

2 pieces!

Nice and fragrant!

A bottle of garlic pickles!

This eatery is very crowded!

Let enjoy!

Now I try a bit broth to know how it is!

A floating fat above this broth!

I can feel this good scent

and fat taste!

This one is eaten to heat up stomach when the weather is raining

Adding a bit chilli sauce!

to make it more spicy!

Shaved chilli!

To stimulate the taste buds add a pinch of lime

Depends on your taste. I guess some people don’t like the sour taste


I am missing a plate of vegetables. This eatery is so crowded, that’s why I need to ask to have a plate of boiled sprout beans

boiled sprout beans

You can waste more time to have a plate of boiled sprout beans


So hot!

If you go eat here at this time, People are digging in the front of the eating-house

It smells so bad


Nice and beefy taste!

Spicy and hot!

This rib has more meaty

That bone we can eat as whole

This is rather fat!

Let me bite it!

Wow! nice!

So great!

When visiting this eatery, you need to experience

about their bones like this!

Crispy! Not being tough to eat!


So good!

I think I need to stop this video to be continuous to eat

So in this evening today, …

I am present on this Gò Vấp district to share about an eatery Phở Trang

which is famous and ancient

They can sell more than a cow for a day

In my view, it located on the big way in Gò Vấp district is affordable

You can have a visit this location

The time and details I will note down on the first comment or description

Bye and see you later!