Save Money On Food

these are my top five things you need to

pack in your luggage if you’re on a

tight budget and you don’t want to waste

money on food hello everyone I am Mary

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my trips weight on average three meals a

day when we travel it’s nice to go to

some local restaurants and to try some

genuine street food this doesn’t mean

that you need to do it every day three

times a day though especially if you are

on a low budget you may want to keep

that as an occasional treat during your

trip rather than and every day have it

so these are the top five things I bring

in my trips to be smart about the money

used to nourish myself first a solid

reusable bottle of course we had to

start from the bottle drinkable water is

our primary need and luckily in half of

the world you can find it for free in

any kitchen bathroom or any outdoor

fountain I tend to travel in that part

of the world so if you’re going to

Africa to Asia or South America make

sure to gather enough information about

the water you can drink there are

several options when it comes to choose

a reusable bottle I’m currently using

these for tea the silly ters metal one

because I found it the most appropriate

for traveling but you can use hard

plastic ones or glass bottles as well

and you can fill them up with water or

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with any other beverage if you’re

traveling during the winter in the cold

country or during the summer in hot one

you could also choose to bring the

thermal bottle this way you’re going to

be able to have a cup of hot tea hot

coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up

for free at any time of the day or

having a super refreshing water or

lemonade during the summer second the

bag of nuts I’ve never been a huge fan

of snuff but I finally realized what a

great and convenient source of

nourishment they are traditionally

speaking they have a very high energetic

value and they are packed with healthy

fats and proteins this means that we

need a very little volume to get tons of

energy and nutrients

as you can easily understand this is

already a very important feature for us

ship travelers since we need our luggage

to be as small and as light as possible

so they’re perfect to take with you in

any kind of trip because they won’t take

so much space they are not so happy as


as if it wasn’t enough not contain a

very low amount of water which allows

them to have an extremely long shelf

life now we can easily pack them and

don’t mind if the temperatures go very

high or very low and we don’t have to

worry to finish them in a few days who

still lasts us weeks or months you can

also add some dried fruits to your mix

like apricots plums raisins apples and

so on to give it some sweetness and some

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color as well third the cutlery set

having a set of trouble covering can be

really useful sure you can prepare

several kinds of meal without the need

of any tool but having a fork or a

spreader knife can really expand the

choices and make your life easier if you

don’t have a kitchen they can be useful

if you have some leftover pasta from the

day before if you want to have a yogurt

or a pudding if you want to put together

some crackers with a spread if you want

to finish that rice and veggies that you

prepared yesterday for dinner or if you

want to eat some soup he also really

come in handy if you go to the grocery

store and you want to buy some

ready-to-eat kind of food to eat on the

go I’m talking about those ready to eat

salads or the food you can purchase at

the deli section of the grocery store or

the yogurt or some custard for a bag of

rice sometimes during your trip it

happens to have suddenly a kitchen

available to me personally when it

happens it lasts one or two nights so I

can’t go and buy loads of food to

prepare also sometimes it happens to

arrive to these places in the evening

hostels for example when you are very

tired and you don’t want to go out again

and look for a grocery store and buy all

the food what I learned

is to keep a bag of uncooked rice in my

backpack or in my suitcase this way if

it happens that I’m able to cook at


least I already have a base for a meal

all I need to do is to find some baggies

the crew can put together chopped Sun of

night nuts to give some crunchiness and

some extra flavor to my dish and have

some fruit or chocolate for dessert and

you can find all these items either in

your backpack I explained this here or

at any fruit and veggies vendor at the

corner of a street who sometimes also

sell fresh eggs fifth a lunch box

bringing a reusable food container is a

real clever idea if you have a kitchen

at your disposal this way it will be

super easy to just cook some extra food

for dinner and then pack the leftovers

for the next day’s lunch it’s really

that simple just make sure to have a

leak-proof one even if it’s more

expensive or heavier it’s going to worth

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