Singapore STREET FOOD Tour


so once again I have my friend Jean with

me thank you so much for helping me out


yeah yeah so we’re walking around this

area we’re looking for a son to the

beach and Jean tells me that you can

find a lot of street food in this area

so we’re in will gifts now there is a

provost juncture mall to our left a

little bit more and there is a bogus

village to the right and this is a lot

of boogie street yeah that is it’s where

you can go for shopping eating sweet

snacks quite a lot of things over oh

it’s funny yeah yeah you ready yup I

sure have


okay we got a drink atlatl Passat

toasted bread funny name for a drink

Stan but I got a pink guava juice for

one Singapore dollar I love the color

gonna have a whole variety of drinks

that you can choose from anyway

the pink caught my attention and I like

guava there you go Cheers

super refreshing kind of reminds you of

the guava juice that I have in Hawaii

all the time anyway now I am ready to


so there’s so much food to choose from

here there are some sausages here and

there’s a lot of shopping as well a lot

of things to buy okay and then I think

it’s a lot more crowded here become on

the weekend it’s the week day-to-day but

still there’s quite a lot of people here

very festive atmosphere how’s the guava

juice gene not overly sweet

yeah well pink over speaker yeah it’s

true yeah

all right we picked up a whole bunch of

street food from this book extremes I’m

so excited to begin what start with

savory that’s always savory wait before

that I’m thirsty I got this thing it

would take punch

what was this sin to say ice jelly honey

lime jelly inside oh it’s a joke in

Russian language I know so it’s a drink

it’s a drink alright and what did you

get I have myself a traditional coffee

oh yeah Jean needs our coffee in the

morning right super refreshing

yeah it’s wine

it surprised me because the jelly just

went right down my throat right now as I

sit through my straw but there’s pieces

of jelly in here very refreshing

so we’ve watched simply walk past and we

know that in Singapore we call the roti

prata O’Mara’s I’ve learned by now that

roti is roti paratha is paratha

Oh but yeah we know really so so what is

what what is the road team what’s up

with a sausage

Wow so is this like traditionally this

like something future ingredients are

traditional but this combination is the

first time I’ve seen it

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yeah all right well let’s try it it

looks good to me


how is it


it’s a lot for mayonnaise inside

usually we don’t go wrong with a tree

and the roti prata it’s a little bit

pricey but it’s lovely at the same time

I like the combination egg salt is kind

of breakfast sandwich people when I

spicy for different that chili you

wanted oh you’re right no chili for me

it kind of looks like Chucky’s Aggie

input up but with like large sized

prawns on the surface very interesting

so this is better deep-fried and those

two pieces of that’s such a small

portion I was in

the trick with deep fried food is how to

be crispy and not oily oh yeah we’re

sore for sure okay I’m gonna have a big

piece with the fun

like that that’s how it looks like you

see the prawn

but muscle

well that’s good that’s really good it’s

very goofy but the inside is on soft but

not mushy

it’s very shrimp beat in taste I like it

I like it it’s not overly salty real

very flavorful

if you’re a name for this in Singapore

prawn cracker okay finally something for

easy for me to pronounce next we got

this so what is this g u ba okay so

basically this is defy you bastards

vegetarian there’s nothing on the inside

Oh interesting so you got two pieces of

this stuff p5 probably are assuming Rose

of Yuba right okay I’ll take this piece

as well

I’m just amazing how much on a street

food there is here at bogus it’s so

exciting and we’ve only touched upon

like them a small percentage of the

variety here so much


it’s you bye mm-hmm it’s like uh quickly

Christine talk with skin yeah it’s like

layers of you bite in there and I see

the crispy side we know is too curious

like it’s a roll and how does it look if

we so yeah I see the thin parts are

really like you bar yeah but I notice

that they’re softer not non crispy

portion so I imagine the texture would

be crispy and juicy at the same time yes

been dry exactly exactly yeah that’s

what I like about it I like the crispy

and juicy interior that’s what makes it

really interesting

and it’s a lazy flavor it’s not just you

buy something like season with something

not sure what it is

well there’s a lot of foods and umami in

this one I know you definitely need your

chili not me I can eat it like this but

Jean definitely needs your chili

you bought a container of chili

yesterday so spicy help me literally

killed me yeah we have one more savory

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almost a sweet yes this is something

I’ve really been wanting to try because

a lot of people talk about it it’s the

curry puffs right yeah and this is like

I’ve seen these on Orchard Road before

I’ve never tried it

yeah it kind of reminds me of like a

curry bread but you know filet pi4 them

yeah so is this something that you’ve

eaten like since you were a kid yes it’s

a combination I got a comment read they

do come in various sizes or some shops

have them larger

and you also have the choice of filling


so you can potato sorry

sardines yeah you know what’s inside all

of this pain yeah actually

that is being done oh that that’s how

you can tell tell me what it is

yeah oh that means it’s our D hmm

elegant at the cross can defer this why

this discuss is more flaky you see

layers yeah

there are other types which if we come

across on why not run enough to you


hmm that is all good

oh and a little bit spicy well I wasn’t

worried that it was going to be fishy

but it’s not fishy at all it’s really

good I like this a lot

we’re moving on to the streets this is a

crispy pancake of the filling inside yep

for this one

cayenne yes and what is kaya please

explain to everyone and it’s primarily

eight sugar

Wow yeah it’s made from gula melaka

don’t shut up

oh okay well this should be interesting

the only time I’ve had is the green side

so it’s very different from palm like

the green tie off on taste

oh but I do taste the up the egg I do

mmm very delicious as well

oh okay

this is Marty and Marty’s sounds vaguely

like matcha tea but mutually because

what but I say the same – really is it

more – is it okay how they’re on the top

that is a mixture of peanut your mom and

sugar simple answer okay that sounds

like good peanut for Morty no way that’s

a soybean powder and sugar

yeah so get warm in that play yeah okay

when you order the another portion

making the smaller pieces icrc well

that’s cool oh my god

super good the texture is almost exactly

like mochi visit me with our rice like

glutinous rice or just plain wrong the

different ways are making fantastic than

the peanut flavor to go so it’s not very


no this is very slightly there’s more

energy than staggering


– easy – seven items I can eat no more

there’s so much room here I have to

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definitely come back to try them out

changing what was my favorite what was

your favorite prata with sausage and

with the mayor

Wow yeah that really was well yeah you

know I was actually going to choose that

but just to make it more interesting I

think my second favorite was

so the

yeah trying to remember what we had very

Bob ah the curry puffs it works a curry

ball it really was when you first miss

sardine I was actually a little bit

scared I was thinking it was going to be

fishy but it was actually really nice

super balanced tastes a little bit spicy

but that’s what made it pop um and I

also like the you but anyway I’ll stick

with my curry pop that was delicious

I know I know what’s wrong with me



all right so it’s nighttime here guys

and I am having dinner near the hotel

I’m staying at this is a near artistry

it’s the street leading towards the

beautiful mosque and this restaurant

serves Lebanese and Turkish food I’ve

never had Lebanese food before I’m not

chicken liver Turkish food either but

I’m really really excited to try out

this restaurant and it’s a beautiful

restaurant and let me tell you it’s not

raining the weather is perfect I am so

happy feast has arrived on our table I

mean there is like every kind of meat in

here there’s chicken there’s lamb

there’s beef and there’s rice in the

middle there are some vegetables this is

incredible yes

yeah let’s dig in that’s a shake in

earth what is that is that chicken – is

that really

chicken oh wow that’s like sound like

maybe you have the ground yeah so that’s

a little bit of chicken right there for

the right side

how does it taste Patrick all very good

yeah very very very special yes good

yeah first time trying it down

really nice flavor really nice flavor

looks so good well by the way you’re

wearing a very nice shirt I just know it

very nice thank you

okay guys so I am back at the x-y hotel

bogus check out that super cool artwork

in my room I love this hotel I really do

thank you so much for watching I really

do hope that you enjoyed this video as

always please let me know your thoughts

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