Street Food in Kenya

good morning I hope you’re having an amazing day
at smart queens i’m in nairobi kenya and today

i’m gonna meet up with my buddy James and we’re
gonna take you on the ultimate Nairobi hardcore

Street food tour so I’m about to meet up with
James and actually I don’t even know her gonna

Tham khao huong dan cach lap dat san go cong nghiep .

go just gonna take you to some spot some of
his favorite spots and we’re gonna eat some

amazing Street food today in Nairobi yeah what’s
up and everybody say hello to James hello he’s a

buddy of mine we went to school together yeah
and we’re on our way to go eat yeah there’s a

place I ran for me Junction tower where they have
all kinds of things let’s get there you’ll see it

oh these are the spots right here
there’s a number of stalls here and

James said he comes here frequently to
eat so this is all I can smell the fish

Amanda they have a number of different
dishes here but you can see back here

they’re making their top hobbies which are the
the flatbread but then they have regalia they

have cabbage you can smell the stew you
can smell the fish which is one of their

specialties which James and I are gonna try
as well as some of their other their dishes

idiot we got the fish we got googly we got cabbage
and I think we got some some chapatis which will

be right off the rod off the hot plate as well
coming very soon I’ll start with it we got some

value and we’re gonna share it all it’s a cornmeal
you can kind of play with it you can kind of mix

it and then you can kind of scoop up with some of
the little fish and which is cooked with tomatoes

crunchy they have a little bitterness
to them right and then they’re cooked

down with those tomatoes so that gives it
that tartness okay and that fresh tripodi’s

have arrived but yawn that the vegetable
is called bogus’ action yeah you know I

don’t think I’ve ever had that before I’m
not okay yeah it’s not it’s not as common

as some of the other vegetables and I
it’s freshly fried it’s right off the

hot grill you can see the golden bubbles
that have the blisters of the chapati

a little bit gummy

like the gas okay but just a little bit maybe
I just a monkey my indeed that is Argus 1400

yes a tumor or the stomach sour Asante
sana oh they’re just bringing a sample

not advisable to eat too much give Eddie
along with fish and vegetable because you

might get kind of bloated and have gas
mana try some of them a tumble there’s

some intestines in here but it’s mostly tripe
and onions cooked down the onions and tomatoes

oh yeah it’s really tender it has a
definite like natural and a grassy taste it

and I got the actual fish is called dog on you
can kind of mix it with the cabbage and I’m

gonna chase it with the chapati I love like the
bitter flavor of those fish and then that crunch

the saltiness cooked down with those tomatoes
and those onions off of your final dishes that

get dirty which is beans and there’s corn in
here and it’s also cooked with tomatoes it’s

a little plain but just that it just focuses
on that starch I mean the corn the beans it’s

party it’s nutritious that was a really good
meal so that is our first meal complete this

is a spot you come to this topic they’re always
here and what’s also cool is that it’s like an

entire bench table so you sit together with
everybody and you can you talk you hang out

you you meet new friends nice to meet you
a Sunday yeah and split ends place dagger

at the corner you’re in yeah okay very cool and
and it’s very welcoming you can get all sorts of

Kenyan food here there’s tripodi’s there’s ooh
golly there’s Sukuma wiki there’s a boom bowl

salad Jim oh that was a great meal yeah that
was still good Jim’s good way to start good

way to start is yes good way to great way to
start this Kenyon’s reboot or of nairobi and

we’re moving on next we’ll cover yes James
is gonna take me to a cow head soup spot but

we’re gonna jump into my tattoo which is the my
tattoo is the form of the the most popular form

of transportation public transportation in
Nairobi in Kenya they’re minivans there’s an

entire Matata culture in Nairobi and yeah we’re
gonna jump in one to get to our next food spot


oh I see where we heading that’s where
we’re gonna eat next uh but my toxins

they are known for their driving usually
quite fast they’re known for playing loud

music ha there’s an entire narrow view much
hockey culture that’s very fascinating at the

very artistic mixed in with the hip hop
reggae culture as well but it’s always

an adventure today my doctors that’s all
in a row how much is that pair these days

so good to be riding back into my doctor this
brings back so many memories yeah and it’s a

bumpy ride and they’re known for they’re known
for their extreme stops in the middle of the road

just came to like a handbrake stop we
almost went flying again we made it here

gotham otaku and we stopped by James’s house
and James just recently had a baby so huge

congratulations Jamie is so cute and so amazing
yeah he’s he’s so precious but we are also

stopping to have a chapati here this is yeah
this is gonna be a homemade this is a homemade

chapati yeah oh yes oh yeah immediately
as I pick up this chapati it actually has

a different texture than the chapati I just
it’s really good mm-hmm it’s like a perfect

gummy texture like just a little bit oily to
hold it together and congratulations miss Ann

just explained that she sure there’s a secret
ingredient in her chapatis that I I only know

I can only tell now that she mentioned it but
now that she does mention it I can I can taste

it there’s a little bit of peanut butter in these
chapatis so you taste that nuttiness and they are

excellent that chappati was amazing and it was
such an honor to meet James’s baby so precious

we’re gonna continue this kenyan street food
tour at a place that james knows for the cow

head soup which is right in his neighborhood James
is still hungry yeah this is the klung right just

a meat paradise and the name stomach clinic and
so they’re drilling some of the the beef over

here you can see slices of tongue going on the
grill right now but then on the on the other

side that’s where the soup is yeah that’s this
cow head soup which is in sizzling in a barrel

they’re making the cow head soup in a barrel and
there are just these giant all other the heads but

the heads are tossed in chopped up but you can
still see some of the skin the fur the hair is

in it’s all just the teeth they’re all tossed in
the soup so that all boils down and then they’re

also doing some grilled beef as well so we’re
gonna we’re gonna eat it all but this this is a

spot right here Oh James is cooking we got our
tray of meat in Ghana oh yeah we just want you

gonna try a piece of the tongue which is what I’m
very excited oh it’s so tender so it’s a barrel

it’s so flavorful because I know the meat chunk
here or this one I’ll dip a little bit of salt

and get some of that peanut peeling this kind
of looks like maybe maybe a piece of the shin

it’s so tender it’s really milky
yeah it’s like it’s so rich okay

so rich on the merits it’s actually it
is milking it is really oily it almost

is like melted like cow butter really
cow tasting really meaty tasting really

grassy tasting but really rich and hearty
enough it’s amazing actually it’s delicious

yeah that is like it’s yeah it’s a
natural route yeah it almost smells

like ginseng is like ginseng yeah yeah or
it is like it’s like it’s like sweet like

honey actually it’s sweet like honey and
then and then it’s like a little bitter

as we were eating the root then Nevada decided to

buy Kenya Kenya bracelet I needed
one but yeah I’m still eating that

it’s really good that is like a that is like a
sweet snap had some of the best most like thick

rich beef soup yeah cow head soup exactly
I’ve ever had every now mister program the

program yes to just go around and eat today
as much as we can that’s the brilliancy of

who yes sue just hematite together now you look
at this because this case we are walking towards

the market now and there’s some more food
stalls there that we’re gonna check out next

democracy the market eat some more food we made
it to DA Goretti market at the entrance there’s

lots of clothes and shoes and then we’ll all
be coming up to the vegetable section as well

so walking through some of the back streets
and get to some of the restaurant areas

there’s bananas avocados bomba oranges come back
oh yeah yeah yeah we met up with Vincent who is

  Singapore STREET FOOD Tour

from the market and he’s taking us around walking
us through the stall to to a food stall or Dingle

oh yeah because we haven’t had Dingle yeah so
this is like a mixed plate so we came kind of

to the back of the market this is the spot they
have sort of a mixed plate that includes beans and

cabbage and Bengal which it’s dengler egg which
is the which is the green gram which are mung

beans and so that’s what we’re gonna eat you get a
mixed plate they scoop it all out and then you can

eat it with chapatis but we’ve already had quite
a few chapati so maybe we’ll just eat the beans

and the cabbage yeah next how is it Vincent is it
good very good how is the food very nice the best

James and I are starting to get a little full
so we’ve decided not to have a chapati but this

would normally be served with the chapati
but on this this is the whole mixed plate

so all the dishes they have you can see the
beans on this side there’s cabbage there’s

a potato right in the center there’s some
beef and the green ground bingo begin next

plate of food yeah here we go it’s just
like party mm-hmm home cooking and you’ve

got the starches in there the beans so you’re
eating the pork and the port method chapati

and those are the fish that we ate at the
beginning of the day that same fish those dried

fish they’re from Lake Victoria right from Lake
Victoria we’re emerging from the market now back

onto the main road serious road work happening
here and James was telling me because of the rains

it’s been like a swimming pool here yeah this
would all fill up with water that’s a lot of rocks

we might have put some of James’s friends
and we’re stopping at the unity cafe hotel

to eat some more food okay so they have quite
a few things on their menu but they have some

of the similar things that we hate so I’m gonna
try kimochi Bangu I think this is a bamboo this

dangle this is Minji yeah the beef okay but
a mixed plate of rice there’s rice there is

dango there’s another type of other piece Minji
please please yeah and then beef beef stew yeah

keep still okay with rice it’s a little bit plain
but it’s good the meat is tender and stewed with

tomatoes you’ve got I really like the mung
beans mandazi is like a it’s like a fried

dough so then for this dish they chop it up into
bite-sized pieces they mix it with a soup and you

can see some of the beans in there and yeah
this is we’re all sharing that in the center

this is actually my first time to have that
let’s think that’s good it’s like it’s like

because my Nagi is a little sweet yeah
my daddy is a little bit sweet but then

mixed with the salty soup it’s like the
contrast of sweet and salty ham yeah

that’s the highlight of a meal right there
okay as under sauna we just finished eating

and these are jeans and Sprint’s or just
me you know they have a shoe shop here so

spiders very you guys hang up and we’re just
discussing the next food that we’re gonna eat

Thank You Santa family say ok
how can I see don’t you see is

it a game oh this is thick it’s not as a designer

that is the conflict we walked over to a
place that specializes in kal foot boiled

Cowboys but yeah that’s the whole foot he has
been boiling in that milky drop this will be

my first time for a cow foot like this oh
there’s the front foot yeah you want some

fried foot – we can have so you just take some of
these pieces you take the bone you can take the

it’s mostly skin okay I kind of an oily skin
piece yeah its skin but it’s been cooked for

probably so long that has this crunch to it and
this one is the plain just to boil the cow leg

now it has a little more grizzle to it that
is like the ultimate amount of textures in

your mouth at lunch its jiggly its grizzly its
fatty its crunchy cartilage II bits in collagen

bit yeah it’s like a an amusement-park of
textures in your mouth inside the bottle

and that’s how that’s how it mixes with the
salt – great job so it’s boom like the foam

yeah exactly still it gives it like a whipping
shake and that stirs it up that creates the cap

  We Tried Egypt Street Food

of Macao soup cappuccino effect and gives
it that foam on top and that’s why it’s so

frothy sounds nice when he slams that suit
in the jug that’s such a satisfying like it

is our second beef soup of the day but
this one when you can see them shake it

and again it has that a real frothiness on
top so it’s like a it is like a cappuccino

oh yeah that is salty it’s beefy and butter it
does taste like melted butter it’s so thick and

so rich and then with that marrow yeah that’s
hot oh yeah how are you conga list on the way

drinking hot soup and there’s no air flow in
there so we all stepped outside to get some

airflow we’re all sweating after that soup that
cow hook that was that was a unique thing to eat

backtick dagger at the corner and
there’s one more kenyan street food

that we need to eat to complete this and
ultimate Kenya Nairobi Street boudoir

yeah you can see the smoke from the fire
hahaha James suffocates but it’s stuffed

with something that’s the natural thing
on it you can choose you have the grill

it kicks it off the grill he chops it on the
cutting board and you just eat it from there

we’re starting with some masala it was like
a stuffed sausage at first but I think that

is all-natural all-natural stuffing yeah I
put some of that in

is nice somebody’s there oh wow can you serve I
guess it’s kind of it’s probably kind of spongy

okay this one is the large intestines next yeah

Justin is so good it’s like it’s kind of
crispy my caramelized and natural tasting

with aura which is Kenyan blood sausage that’s
blood filled into their this is a favorite

street meat and yeah you can dip it into some
of that really believe that chilli sauce as well

Oh Oh woo I was so good oh I have missed
it oh it’s so good it’s not even like you

can barely take the budget more like the
condition onion onions in there it’s not

like irony you’re just kind of like truly soft
you really softened and then held together with

that intestine wrapper it’s one of the best
things and then that is tasty I didn’t know

at first but that blood sausage that we
just stayed it actually is not blood it’s

mostly minced meat the bigger fatter one
is actually the blood sausage that’s why

I didn’t have that irony bloody days this
one is the real blood sausage you can see

it’s a fat one it’s thick you can see it’s
mostly blood and there’s fat in there as well

tyloo knowing awesome dude it’s really hot that
one’s good too really good yeah you’re just kind

of falls apart in your mouth right fatty – yeah
the cow udders and that’s that big like white

lump on the grill so this is gonna be our last
meat off the grill while well that that is a

unique texture it’s like chewy but crunchy yeah
and bad even fatty very well it’s all fat really

right now basically it’s kind of like a little
bit rubbery but you kind of like juices as well

well that is that’s an interesting texture it’s
pretty good though eat it right here and then you

just continue on this is a it’s like the ultimate
meat fast food stop yeah that’s kind of greasy so

you can use a they have some newspaper in happen
that was an awesome way to end this Kenya Street

that’s so good what was your favorite meat off
the grill I like the minced meat matura oh yeah

that is it was really good the intestines are
also really good we’ve come to the end of this

Kenyan Street food tour today with Kim’s you know
I want to say a huge thank you to James did you

have fun you did very much so that was it was yeah
absolutely awesome so huge thank you to my buddy

James congratulations for your baby as well and
I will have all the information of what we ate

in the description box below so you can check it
out and I want to say a big thank you to you for

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