Street Food Tour of VIETNAM

– Coming up for all you
food rangers out there.

Woah, I see something in here.

Oh, what’s this?

We’re going deep into
the street food scene

of central Vietnam.


You’ll discover the most
delicious street food

in Vietnam with us.

Like back alley, homemade
beef noodle soup,

street clams, insanely busy markets,

tons of super friendly locals, and more.

So let’s eat.

So check it out, it’s Trevor James.

I just got into Hue in central Vietnam.

This is a huge food city

that I have been looking forward

to visiting forever.

So we’re gonna go for
a huge street food tour

and try a ton of street snacks.

Check it out.

The best thing to do
whenever you visit a new city

is hit the market.

You get a feel for the local way of life,

the local flavors, and
some great opportunities

to connect with the local people.

This is where you find the
soul of any local cuisine

and in Vietnam, the markets are insane.

We packed in 11 super delicious
Vietnamese street foods

that you’re gonna love.

So make sure to watch
to the end of this video

to discover them along with us.

Let’s go.

This is a crazy market.

To me, there’s nothing better than

visiting a morning market.

You can get a true local experience.

There is so much on offer, so much food,

so much vegetables, meat, oh yeah.

Crazy market here.

Oh, I see something in here.

Oh, what’s this?

(horns beeping)

It’s crazy.


(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh …

For our first meal in Hue,

we found the iconic dish
that you’ll rave about

after your first bite.

This is Hue’s number one dish.

Now when you find it in the
market alleyways like this,

you just know that it’s gonna be good.

It’s full of different cuts of meat

with an amazingly rich and complex broth.

Lots of little blood cubes and
there’s raw beef on the side,

waiting to be boiled slowly to ensure

it’s still soft and tender
for your first bite.

Oh, this looks good.

What is this?

(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, look at this.

Local bun bo hue.

Look at this pot,

over top of the fire.

Wow, look at all the meat in there.

Ho, you can really smell

that firewood burning

and aroma from all the …

from the meat.

Looks like there’s pork, beef.

Oh, wow, so many different cuts.

Oh …

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Wow, okay.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Yes, please, oh yeah.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Herbs, oh yeah, that’s a
little bit of chili in there.

Oh … (speaking in Vietnamese)


Oh, it’s packed with
beef, pork, rice noodles,

herbs, chili, and the broth,

that’s what it’s gonna be all about there.

Oh, yeah.

We’re gonna get a nice bite, make that …

(speaking in Vietnamese)


I’m gonna try that out.

Ho, ho, ho.

Bright and early, bright
and early at the market,

that’s what it’s all about.

Oh …


That flavor makes it completely rich.

It is rich.

It’s not a weak soup.



Oh yeah, locals are loving it.

This is the bun bo hue hotspot here.

She’s saying I should have
two bowls and I agree.

This is gonna be two bowls worthy here.

So many different cuts of meat in there.

I think I just had a fishball.

There’s fatty pork belly,

there’s beef.

I think I had a fishball

and that makes the broth
very complex and rich

and a little spicy

and with a bit of touch of herbs.

You’ll fall in love.

If you come to Vietnam, visiting
a morning market like this

will completely blow you away.

It’s just so exciting.

There’s so much food to try.

Everyone’s smiling.

All the action.

This is what dreams are made of.

As you explore the market,
you discover new foods

and new stalls around every corner.

That’s one of the best things
about traveling for food.

There’s inspiration everywhere you turn

and what we discovered next

was one of Hue’s classic street foods,

the bun hen, aka, spicy clam noodle soup.

Alright, let’s see what
we can find over here.

Oh …

(women speaking in Vietnamese)

(women speaking in Vietnamese)

What do we have over here?


Oh …

Oh, com hen, I’ve heard a lot about this.

Com hen.

We’re gonna try com hen here.

That is like a complete concoction

with clams, rice, herbs,

bean sprouts, pig skin,

soup, oh yeah, peanuts, and chili.

We’re gonna sit down for one.

Com hen, okay.

Oh, look at this beauty.


This is the com hen hotspot.

Oh-ho, look at that.

We’re gonna get the com hen rice noodles.

Yes, please, yes.

She’s putting it all on the herbs,

those are the clams,

(woman laughing)

and it’s like a Vietnamese salad mixture.

It’s chili,



(woman speaking in Vietnamese)


pig skin,


fried peanuts.

(speaking in Vietnamese)


Look at this.

She just made the com hen for me.

You can see this is a total
concoction of ingredients.

There’s pig skin.

There is herbs.

There is a bunch of clams.

I think this is a fermented shrimp paste

over top of rice noodles
and then on the bottom,

ho … this is like a banana
blossom Vietnamese salad,

and you can just mix that up,

oh, she puts chili,

this is strong.

Oh, yeah.

Mix that up.

Oh, that is, the flavor,

I can just tell that is gonna be bold.

Mmm-mmm …

Oh …


(woman speaking in Vietnamese)



Wow, that has quite a spicy, salty,

slightly fishy from the clams flavor

with chewy pig skin and peanuts.

The peanuts add so much

and of course, basil.

Oh …

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, yeah, look at that.

Oh, she’s just,

she’s just pumping out the com hen.

It’s like a spicy,

there’s like a banana blossom salad,

there’s basil, a little salt.

I think that’s the shrimp paste,

chili and garlic,

more chili,

pig skin and peanuts.

Oh, yeah.

(people speaking in Vietnamese)

Wow, literally right beside
this clam noddle soup joint,

we found another
specialty Hue street food.

Tapioca starch with shrimp or pork filling

wrapped in these beautiful
little banana leaf packages.

Let’s see what we got here.

Oh, yeah look at this.

So we got some, like,

I think these are banana
leaves wrapped around,

I think there’s minced shrimp
and tapioca flour inside.

So we’re gonna try it out right here.

(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, yeah, look at that.


Oh … banh lep.

Banh lep.

Minced shrimp and tapioca,
I think that’s right.

Wow, it’s beautiful.


Ooh …

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Banh lep.

So we have the banh nam
here and the banh lep.

I believe these are both in tapioca flour.

This one, I think this
is like a pork filling

with some greens inside.

Oh yeah.


Oh …

Wow, it’s very savory.

It actually just has like
a salty fragrance to it.

It doesn’t …

It doesn’t taste …

Mmm, very strong.

It’s just a little salty.

This is the banh lep.

Banh lep,

which is shrimp inside of a tapioca.

Let’s try it out.

Mmm, hoo.

Oh, that is good.

It’s actually quite sweet, the shrimp.

It still have the skin
so it’s a little crispy.

It’s also, it seems like
it’s marinated in something.

It has like a barbecue flavor to it.

It tastes like a sweet,
salty barbecue shrimp.

For our final meal at the market,

before heading into the streets,

we found an amazingly fresh
and flavorful vegetable soup

that was topped with a
super strong fermented tofu.

As I walked up to it, I
had no idea what it was

and it took me a few minutes to realize

that this broth had no meat,

it was so flavorful from
that fermented tofu.

Oh, yeah.

Look at this.

Pass the joy just finding stuff.

Oh, look at all these.

There’s different thick types of,

looks like there’s macaroni noodles here.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh …

Look at that.

Ah … bun chai.

Wow, look at that broth.



(woman speaking in Vietnamese)


Please, oh yeah, look at that.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)


Looks like it’s macaroni
noodles with herbs,

cilantro, tofu puffs,

oh, I can smell the
fragrance of the cilantro.

Mmm …

(women speaking in Vietnamese)


Very good.

Oh, that is fantastic.


It’s like, it’s like the most
aromatic macaroni noodles,

macaroni soup noodles ever.

This bowl of macaroni noodles,

the broth is just like …

It really gives you a
nutritious, energetic,

complex feeling.

I think it’s that creamy
sauce that she put in there.

There’s definitely a
creamy, spiciness to it.

It tastes like a fermented tofu, actually.

I think that is what flavors
that are on the soup.

There is so much in there,
like there’s a peppery kick,

like a black peppery kick,

but there’s also like a
red chili pepper kick.

I think that’s the fermented tofu sauce

that she puts in there

to have a bit of a fermented aroma,

but it’s also quite creamy.

On top of that, the broth just has

a nice strong mushroom aroma.

Alright, let’s go see
what else we can find.

If you eat what we found next,

you’ll instantly fall
in love with the flavor.

We went out food ranging
for bun thit nuong.

Amazingly flavorful grilled
pork over top of rice noodles

packed with herbs, spices, and sauces.

This is to die for.

What an amazing market experience that was

and now we’re just on the
hunt for some bun thit nuong.

Grilled pork, hoo.

Over top of rice noodles.

Oh, yeah.

Look at that.

Okay, we’re just gonna sit
down and wait for that.

That looks amazing.

We can smell, there’s a bit
of herbs on top of that.


I think they put some
garlic and onions and …

Ooh, yeah.

That smells great.

That’s rice noodles on top of herbs.

Basil and mint.

Oh, yeah.

You can see she’s gonna
make the bun thit nuong.

Vietnamese herbs, basil and mint,

looks like there’s some banana blossom.

Oh yeah, and then a nice handful of those.

Vermicelli noodles, mmm.

Oh, pickled carrots and radish.

Yeah, pickled carrots and radish.

Oh, yeah.


And then, oh yeah, you can
see he’s just emptying out

the grilled pork onto here,

and then she’s gonna top it,

she’s gonna put that grilled pork on top.

And then this is the
nuoc mam Vietnamese dip.

Oh, yeah, and then down there.

I think that’s like a peanut garlic sauce.


All that grilled pork on top.

Ohh …

Here we got the bun thit nuong here,

and Ting is already eating hers.

(Ting laughing)

You like it Ting?

It’s good, it looks good.

We can see the pickled
carrots, pickled radish,

cucumbers, grilled pork over
top of cold rice noodles,

nice bunch of peanuts on there,

oh, and it’s just saturated
in that peanut garlic sauce

that she put over top.

All those rice noodles on the bottom

and then on the very bottom

there’s all these herbs,
basil, mint, lettuce.

Mmm, that looks healthy
and filling and satisfying.

Ho (laughing).


The sweet barbecue sauce on that pork,

it was so tender.


Those are the herbs.

Mmm, and the pickled carrots
and the crunchy peanuts on top.

It’s quite, quite sweet,

quite peanuty, quite herbal
from all those herbs.

Oh, that is to die for.

That is top notch.

Bun thit nuong, woah.

What do you think Ting?

– It’s pretty good, I’m now finished.

– Mmm.


– I like the flavor when you eat the pork

and the rice and the herbs together,

you taste the mint flavor.

– Yeah, you got the mint.

It’s like a sweet,

spicy herbal, crunchy,

– Fragrance.

– Fragrance, oh yeah.

Next stop, we went into
a little neighborhood

to search for a banh
mi Vietnamese sandwich,

and found quite the average one,

but served by the friendliest vendor

and worth the trip for sure.

So I have been looking forward to trying

banh mi for so long in Vietnam.

Alright, we’re just gonna stop

at a little side of the road one.

– Where you from?

– Canada.

– Ah, Canada.

– Canada, wow.


Vietnam banh mi.

(woman speaking Vietnamese)

– Oh, banh mi, there it is.

Oh ho.

Chili, oh beautiful.

A little bit of chili
flake in there, I think.

Oh, yeah, yeah, some sausage,

Vietnamese salami, I think.

Ohh, look at that, she’s just stuffing it.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)


Banh mi.

Ohh …

Banh mi.

Oh, yeah and then she’s
gonna put a little,

I think that’s the pate.

Oh, yeah, look at that slicing it up.

Oh, yeah.

(speaking in Vietnamese)

Look at that.


Wow, we got the banh
mi here on the street.

I have seen a lot of different
banh mis back in Canada,

but they didn’t put much in here

other than just the sliced meat.

Usually, I think they put
cucumbers, little bit of vege

and some other sauce but
this one is quite basic

’cause we’re in a little
neighborhood here.

We’ll try it out.


That is quite peppery and spicy.

I think it definitely needs
a little bit more sauce.

It definitely has a spicy
kick and a peppery kick.

The bread is actually
quite nice and light,

but it is a little dry

because we just chose a random banh mi,

part of my favorite thing
to do is hit the streets,

go to neighborhoods and try local food

and you can get some good stuff.

Mmm, I would come back here just because

it’s nice to hang out
in these neighborhoods,

meet local people and have local flavors

and I’m pretty sure that all the banh mi

you’re gonna have in Vietnam

are gonna taste slightly different.

This one could just use a
little bit more of a sauce.

I would prefer a little
bit of a sweet touch.

Next step, we found a
dish that’s famous in Hue,

the banh trang nuong rice paper pizza

and the banh ep rice
flour and egg pancake.

These are famous for schoolkids
for their afternoon snacks

and just watching them being grilled

with all the smoke and coals and sparks

is gonna make you hungry for sure.

Oh, we’re just in this little neighborhood

and there’s so many things around.

I think this is a little …

banh ep joint.

Okay, I have no idea
what we’re gonna get here

but this is cool.

Street food surprises are always the best.

Sometimes you have no
clue what the vendors

that are walking down
the street are carrying

but that’s always the best part.

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Oh, look at this.

This is like silken tofu
right on the street.


Oh, little sugar,

and a ginger,

oh and lime.

This is like the douhua you find in China.

So we got some silken tofu here.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, mix it up.

Oh yeah and you can see
she puts a little sugar

and ginger in there and
you gotta mix it up.

Oh, this is great.

And then over here, she’s
making our banh trang nuong

and banh ep, but we’re
gonna try this first.

Mmm (speaking in Vietnamese).



That is really nice.

The ginger flavor is
very subtle and elegant

and it’s quite sweet.

You can taste the sugar granules.

Hanging out, watching, waiting
for our rice flour pizza,

and she came along with this.

It’s kind like the douhua
you get in China but …

Mmm, that ginger flavor is fantastic.

It’s like a ginger candy.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, nice. Look at that.

So that is like a hard rice pancake

and I think she just put
some brown beef on top.

Oh, some fried shallots.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, you can see all the
fried shallots right here.

And what is that?

I think that might be …


Some ski- some green onions on it

and she’s gonna fry it.

Oh, and that is egg.

That is raw egg yolk.



Nice, it’s like a,

a rice pi- rice cake pizza.

It’s like a rice cake pizza, wow.

(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, yeah, and then she’s loading up some,

I think that’s a …

a nice chili paste.

Oh, there’s the banh ep.

Oh and she’s just putting that, that egg

right on into there.

Wow, it’s like a …

Rice flour little egg pancake.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)


Alright, let’s go try it out.

We have got the banh ep
and the banh trang nuong.

Wow, just watching her
make those was so exciting

and we’ve got a bit of that
silken tofu with ginger in,

with ginger in it from the street vendor

This is like a rice cracker pizza.

Ground beef, scallions, I think this is,

maybe like pork jerky.

Oh yeah and she just puts
a ton of egg on there.


Oh, very savory.

Very savory, the egg, the beef, the pork.

They all mix together really nicely.

You can just dip it into that

sweet chili sauce.

Pretty nice.

Alright, so for our
final meal of the night,

we’re gonna go for a little walk

and we’re gonna get some nem lui

which is like pork skewers
on top of lemongrass.

Molded over the lemongrass.


(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, look at this.

(speaking in Vietnamese)


It’s like Vietnamese pancakes,

cooked with wood.

Oh, yeah a little oil.




Ah, look at that, that is the banh xeo.

Ooh, the banh xeo.

Oh, nem lui, here’s the nem lui.

Oh, there’s no lemongrass.

It’s just with chopsticks.



Nem lui.

Pork skewers.


It’s not on the lemongrass.

It’s not on the lemongrass.

Okay, so how do we do this?

Okay, we’re getting a lesson here.

Oh, rice paper,

the pork skewers,

(speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh, and wrap it up.


Okay, so that is the way to eat it.

You take these rice paper wraps,

you empty out this,

oh, this pork skewer,

you put a little vege.

I think this is cu- yeah,
this is cucumber and

I think this is a bittermelon,

a bit of herbs in there.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

That looks great.

(woman speaking in Vietnamese)

Oh and oh.

I’m gonna put a little bit of
radish and carrot in there.

That is monster size with this nem lui.

Then we’re gonna wrap it up.

I think I should get that wet with water

but oh, this is gonna be fine without,

oh, yeah this is like a pork skewer wrap

and then we’re gonna dip it into this.

I think this is like
a peanut garlic sauce.

Ooh, yeah.



There is layers of flavor in there.

You first get this sweet
peanut-y barbecue-y

peanut sauce flavor, then
your teeth sink through

and you get that aromatic
barbecue pork flavor

and then you get this
amazing herbal flavor

from those cucumbers and herbs.

Oh, and the banh xeo just came.

(speaking in Vietnamese)

This is awesome.

So we have had a
wonderful day here in Hue.

Amazing street food.

Wow, street food dreams came true.

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