Swedish Food in Stockholm

– I’m gonna slice up a
piece from the side here.

The texture is smooth and
disintegrating on my tongue.

(upbeat drums music)

Good morning, everyone, it’s Mark Wiens

with migrationology.com,
in Stockholm, Sweden.

We have just come
downstairs to the restaurant

for breakfast this morning,
it’s called Bjork Restaurant,

and this is an amazing breakfast buffet.

I especially like to go heavy
on the protein and vegetables,

so I got some hard-boiled eggs,

actually, they’re slightly soft with the,

the yolk looks perfect, some sausages,

some tomatoes and cucumbers.

And then over on this side of my plate,

I got what is a Swedish delicacy.

And it said it was
herring in mustard sauce,

so I gotta try this.


The pickled herring kind
of has a gummy texture,

and very, very soft,
and actually, it’s like,

it’s almost like fish
spread, you could spread that

with a knife, it’s so
soft and, like, gummy.

I don’t eat sausage very often, but,

these look delicious.

Especially with mustard.


Yeah, it’s like a breakfast sausage.

And then with that spicy mustard.

Hard-boiled eggs.

And I already put a bit of pepper on them.

The yolk is just perfect.

They have a good selection
of vegetables as well,

nice-looking tomatoes and
peppers and cucumbers.

I also got a plate of mixed nuts.

I think these are
pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts,

and sunflowers seeds.

What I’ve read is that
Sweden is one of the highest

per capita drinkers of coffee,

people drink a lot of coffee, and so,

I don’t mind just trying it all,

I’m gonna sit here and eat coffee,

and even at the buffet,
they have takeaway cups,

so you can drink coffee
throughout the day.


I’m gonna take this back up to the room.

If you ever come to
Courtyard, say hello to Karen.

– Welcome!

Welcome to Sweden!

– Thank you very much.

Nice to meet you.

(uplifting instrumental music)

Hello, duck!

(imitates quacking)

Stockholm in the summer right
now is absolutely beautiful!

In the middle of the
city, but it feels like

you’re in the countryside here.

Just completely clear water,
beautiful trees and parks.

I’m squatting on the beach,
literally just a couple meters

from lots and lots of ducks.

This is absolutely beautiful!

There are some people a little
bit down the beach, swimming.

I wonder how cold the water is, though.

Oh, it’s not too cold!

It would actually be really refreshing.

I could definitely swim.

And it’s so clear, too!

Just being here in Stockholm
for a few hours now,

I’ve just noticed how beautiful it is,

and one of the reasons
that it’s so beautiful,

nice to meet you!

Is that, it is a city that
is made up of islands,

and so Stockholm is spread
out over 14 different islands,

and I think I read, 57 bridges
that connect the islands,

and so you’re always surrounded by water.

We’re only here for two full days,

and we are here on the
weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Today is Saturday, and
there are two kinda heritage

food markets that I want
to check out and eat at,

and both of which are closed
on Sunday, so that means

that we need to go to two
food markets right now,

we’re on our way to the first one.

I thoroughly enjoyed that
walk along the water’s edge,

and now we are passing by
the Stockholm City Hall,

which is one of the most iconic buildings

and landmarks in Stockholm.

We are just walking past,
though, not gonna stop here,

but just admiring the
beauty of the structure,

and just the views of
Stockholm and the water.

I’m gonna try to pronounce
it to my best ability,

but I think it’s somewhere
along the lines of

Hotorgshallen market, and
we’re about to head inside

to find something to eat for lunch.

This is a basement food market,
and there are some wonderful

artisan vendors here,
selling everything from meat,

to different Swedish products,

and there are also some
restaurants and cafes

that you can sit down at eat at.

There’s so many good-looking things here.

It’s like an entire
underground deli and market,

there are wine shops, and
you can buy coffee here,

you can even buy fresh vegetables,

lots of seafood and meat products,

a Swedish marketplace all
in one basement floor.

And the seafood in particular
looks extremely good.

I think we’re gonna head
straight to eat some seafood.

A couple of you recommended to
try a place called Melanders

at the market, and so we are gonna,

it’s a takeaway, they
have a lot of seafood,

but they also have a
couple of bar stools here

where you can sit down.

I think I’m gonna have to
go with the cured salmon.

Can I have poached salmon,
and also the cured salmon

with dill.

Thank you.

This is kind of a seafood bar, deli-style,

and so it’s within the
market, that basement market,

you grab stools, and you can sit down,

I think a lot of people also get takeaway,

so they can order all of
these dishes takeaway,

or seafood takeaway, but
it’s nice to sit here,

and I ordered some salmon.

Hi, Ying.

– [Employee] Salmon.

– [Mark] Okay.

– [Employee] With dill potato.

– [Mark] Oh, dill potatoes.

– [Employee] Spoon for those.

– [Mark] Thank you.

– [Employee] This is toast skagen.

(Ying chuckles)

– [Mark] Toast skagen.

– Toast skagen, and
here is poached salmon.

– Alright, thank you very much.

So all the food is pre-prepared,

they have the different salads already,

but then she really
beautifully prepared them all

onto the plates, and served them,

and decorated them quite nicely as well.

And we’re gonna share everything,

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this one is poached salmon,
and it came with some salad

and some pickles, and then, I
think these are dill potatoes.

And then, the one right in
the middle is toast skagen,

and this is, it’s like a shrimp,

there’s shrimp, there’s roe
on top, there’s some dill,

and it’s in, kind of a creamy dressing,

I’m not sure exactly.

Finally, I could not miss
the cured salmon, so,

that is just beautiful,
like, bouquet formation

of cured salmon, and the salmon came also

with a side of potatoes.

I will kinda reach in with
my spoon, let me put that,

oh, that dill will make it amazing.

Okay, I’m just gonna kinda reach in,

grabbing some of the shrimp salad,

and some of that roe, put it on top here.

Oh, that piece of dill that
came with it, let me add it.

Oh, oh no, I lost the shrimp.


That is ridiculously good.

Oh, the shrimp are
amazing, and they’re coated

in a really, like, creamy, I’m
not sure if it’s mayonnaise,

or it’s, it’s like a
really, really creamy sauce.

And I love that dill touch, that gives it

such a little refreshing,
a refreshing flavor.

This is a stunner, actually.

It’s so good.

The shrimp are little, but they have

just an amazing freshness, and you can,

the texture, also, of them,
they’re a little bit chewy,

and not mushy at all,
but just incredibly good,

they’re like little muscular shrimp.

Next up I’m gonna try some
of this poached salmon.

With some of that dill sauce.

That is served cold, but
you can taste the quality

of that salmon.


Just flakes apart in your mouth,

and then, I think the potatoes,
I got some of that sauce,

it’s nicely dill-flavored,
and very creamy as well.

Let me taste this other
potato while I’m at it.

I’m not sure if that’s cheese
sauce, or just cream sauce.


Yeah, that’s very creamy.

But not cheesy.

And again, those potatoes are really good,

they have an amazing
texture, and then that’s just

like a white, creamy gravy.

It is time for my bouquet of salmon.

Oh, I’m not even sure if
this is a single slice,

or how I should go about
eating this, I’ll just,

I’m gonna slice up a
piece from the side here.


Cured salmon.

That is melting in my mouth.

And it’s not too salty!

The texture is smooth, and
disintegrating on my tongue.

Squeeze on a little bit of lemon.

Slice off a piece, and get
some of that dill on this bite.

And some of that pepper as well.

It’s just an amazingly
pure and delicious thing.

Another thing I’ve loved
since coming to Sweden

is the pepper.

The pepper is so good, and
it’s available everywhere,

and I love how they
leave it on coarse grind,

on the pepper grinder, so that you can get

some wonderful pepper flavor.

And I am a little bit of a pepper fanatic,

or any kind of spice fanatic, so,

I do like to coat things
heavily, when it comes to pepper.

And take that piece of salmon,
dip it into that pepper,

give it a full crust.

The pepper compliments the salmon so well.

It’s a little bit spicy, and
it contrasts the saltiness.

You can really taste the difference

between a good-quality salmon,

and one that’s not so good quality.

This one literally just,
sort of melts in your mouth.

And let me just demonstrate
how soft this salmon is,

you don’t need the knife to cut it,

you just literally, just let your fork

slice right through it.


It’s just…

We just finished with that
salmon experience at the market,

it wasn’t cheap, but
that was incredibly good,

and we are now walking on
our to the next market.

(upbeat electronic instrumental music)

The next market that
we’re walking to is called

Ostermalmshallen, and this
is more of a heritage,

traditional market in Stockholm.

And unfortunately right
now, they are renovating

the original structure,
so they have set up

a temporary, but pretty permanent stall

which houses all of the stores
and stalls in the market

and restaurants.

I read on the Visit Stockholm website,

that the original market will be completed

sometime in the year 2018,
so if you’re watching

this video then, you might
get to go into the real,

authentic market, but for now,
this is the new market area.

This market is quite similar to the market

we were just visiting.

Lots and lots of meat vendors,
you can buy fish here,

you can buy fresh produce.

A lot of artisan, really
good quality things here,

and there are also some
places to sit down,

some restaurants, some
cafes, some more salmon,

so many good things in
this market as well.

– [Employee] This is reindeer.

– Oh, reindeer.
– Yeah.

And this is moose, or elk.

– [Mark] Moose or elk.

Thank you.

– Moose.

– This one is moose.


This is some moose,
cured moose, like salami.


It’s really, really dark meat.

– [Employee] This is a Rudolph.

– Rudolph reindeer.

And this one is reindeer salami.


That one has a little more of a smoother,

maybe lightly liver-ier taste to it.

– [Employee] You liked it?

– Yeah, very good.

Can I just have a small piece of the elk?

– [Employee] Of course!

– Maybe like, 50 kroner, or so?

– Yeah, 51.

– [Mark] Okay, perfect.

– Or, 50, even.

50 kroner.

Thank you.

– I didn’t realize this, but
there’s also a Melanders,

the same restaurant that we
just did at the other market,

located here as well, and there’s also

another couple of famous
seafood restaurants


serving similar things
to what we just ate,

so, I’m just walking around
enjoying these cabinets of meat,

are incredibly beautiful.

This moose salami would be really good

to take it to the park
and then eat it leisurely,

but I gotta have another
taste of it right now.

It’s a pretty good chunk.

It’s very solid.

And get a closeup look at that,

you can see the ratio of fat to meat,

and how dark of a meat it is.

Yeah, the taste’s just like salami,

but with a more, like, a
little bit of a stronger

meat taste to it.

And it’s salty, it’s just densely-packed,

but it definitely would
be good with some crackers

or some bread.

That’s a pretty small and
very manageable market,

but the stalls that they do have,

the meat, the seafood, the produce,

is all really, really good
quality, very gourmet,

and I’m pretty happy with that moose,

little piece of moose sausage I bought.

There is a famous hot dog
stand just down the road,

and I don’t wanna leave this neighborhood

without having a hot dog
there, so that’s the next stop.

Which one is you specialty?

– [Employee] Kabanos is our bestseller.

– Kabanos.
– Real popular.

– [Mark] Okay, that’s what I’ll have.

One of them, please.

Thank you.
– There you go.

Thank you very much, enjoy.

– This place is a sausage specialist,

and it’s actually housed in, kind of a,

it’s kind of a hot dog container,

in a very, very quiet street in Stockholm,

just down the road from that market,

and I ordered what is their specialty,

their most popular sausage,
which is called kabanos,

and this version comes
stuffed into a baguette,

and the baguette is not cut,
but it’s kinda hollowed out,

and then he grilled the
sausage, he cut it in half,

it’s actually a really long,
like, foot-long sausage,

he cut it in half, stuffed it
into the pocket of baguette,

and grilled the baguette, and
then I think it’s sauerkraut

stuffed inside of there, and then,

I was thinking, there’s some ketchup,

oh, ketchup and mustard, I think that’s,

I don’t know what kind
of sauce that is, but,

this is the specialty sauce to go with it,

and it is hot and pretty solid.


That is everything you want, in a sausage.

I’m actually like, blown
away how good that is.

The bread is nice and nice and crispy.

Then the sausage, it is kind
of like a spicy sausage,

and then there’s the sauerkraut, which is

a little bit crispy and
then a little bit sour,

and then that mustard
on top is kinda sweet,

but that contrasts the
whole salty sausage.

That’s a seriously good sausage.

And the bread, I was thinking
the bread was gonna more

kinda heavy, but it’s
actually really light,

and just completely crusty.

Another thing I like is that
the baguette is not cut,

it’s just hollowed out,
so you don’t run the risk

of anything falling out,
and I think even on the,

let me pull it out.

Oh yeah, you see, even on the bottom,

there’s no holes in this baguette,

except at the top, where
it was stuffed from.

So there’s no risk in losing anything.

Thank you man, that was really good.

– [Employee] Did you like it?

– Very good, loved it.
– Thank you.

– Thank you.

That was just a next-level
sausage container experience.

From here, we’re gonna take
the metro to Gamla Stan,

which is the old area of Stockholm,

and we’re gonna walk around
that area for a while next.

(uplifting instrumental music)

We just got off the metro
at Gamla Stan station,

and this is the old area of Stockholm

that dates back to the 13th century,

it is beautiful with
its cobblestone streets,

and also with its medieval alleyways,

some iconic traditional
heritage buildings,

there are lots and lots
of restaurants and cafes,

churches within this area,
and it’s a very nice place

just to walk around and leisurely stroll.

What’s really nice is that
the roads in this area

are blocked off to
traffic, so they are all

just walking streets, and
we are approaching a church.

The first place that we’ve stumbled into

is the old German Church,
so we’re gonna just

take a quick look inside.

(soft piano music)

I’m sitting down on one of the
pews within the church now,

and what’s really
impressive about this church

are the stained glass windows.

Look at that!

It’s so colorful and so detailed.

(upbeat instrumental music)

Made it to one of the most iconic, scenic,

and the oldest public
squares in Gamla Stan,

this was the historic center of Stockholm,

and what I love so much is
all of these old buildings,

and the way they are just contrasting

the really blue sky, the
sky is so blue, and then

the buildings are brown and
red and orange in color,

to just that contrast that intense blue.

That’s some amazing water.

Straight well water, that’s way better

than the bottled water.

I was just reading about that well

where I just filled up my battle,

and it’s actually not a well anymore,

it used to be a well but then it dried up,

now it is public water
that’s coming through, and,

but they had me fooled,
that’s some really good water,

it’s fresh, and that being said,

the water from the tap in Sweden is,

it tastes good, and it’s very fresh.

(bells tolling in the distance)

We caught a little bit of
the changing of the guards

at The Royal Palace.

(upbeat instrumental music)

That was very pleasant, to
walk around the old streets

of Stockholm, we’re now crossing a bridge

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to the next island, and
there’s a food truck

that I’m really looking
forward to eating at.

When I asked you all
where to eat in Stockholm,

this was one of the
number-one recommendations,

so I am happy to be here.

This is a little food stall
that’s within a plaza,

and they specialize in stromming,

which is a type of fermented sea herring,

and then I ordered, they have
a number of different plates

that include the herring,
and you can get it

with a full plate with mashed potatoes,

but I decided to get the snack version,

and so I got one with dark rye bread,

and then he put on two
pieces of the fried herring,

and then topped it with some mustard,

and then topped it with
some onions and some dill.

Stromming is a type of Baltic sea herring,

and it is a very common
specialty in Swedish cuisine.

This has then been, I
think it’s been breaded

and then deep-fried, and then
he topped it with some mustard

and then some onions and some dill.

I think the correct way to do
this is with a knife and fork.

I’m gonna dig in.

And then there’s rye bread on the bottom.

Oh, onions are missing, I
need some onions on this bite.

Oh, and I got that whole piece of dill.


I just met up with Otto,
who is from Stockholm,

nice to meet you, so good to see you–

– Haven’t come in years.

– [Mark] Yes.

So this one is not fermented.

– No, it’s not fermented,
it’s just normal.

– [Mark] It would be fresh.

– [Otto] More fresh, yeah,
if you try the surstromming.

– Okay, so then it’s just stromming.

– Stromming, just regular stromming.

– [Mark] It doesn’t even
really have a fishy taste,

it’s actually very neutral-tasting,

but the texture is really
good, it’s nice and soft,

it almost has a spreadable texture,

and then because it’s been deep-fried,

it has a little bit of a crispy texture

and edge around the crust around it,

and then also, it’s like
a sweet mustard on top,

really good with the pickled onions,

and just that little
bit of dill to give it

a nice touch as well.

And then also the bread
just makes the base of it.

Let me take one more bite,
and making sure to get

some of those onions.

And we had a little bit of a chat,

but they also have a fermented
version of the herring,

but this one is more of the fresh version,

and so that’s why it has the actual very,

a neutral taste, as opposed
to the fermented version,

which I’m sure has a more of a,

oh, my bread just fell
out, which has more of a,

I’m sure has more of a
ripened strong flavor to it.


It’s so good.

The fish is just so soft, and then,

complimented by that sweet
mustard and those pickled onions.

We are now walking over
to a street that is,

I think it’s famous for
shopping in Stockholm.


– [Otto] It’s like (speaks
off-mic), but street.

– [Mark] Oh, okay.

– When are you recording?

– [Mark] We are on!

You guys can say whatever
you want on the video.

– Alright, this is Otto, and Victor,

here from Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve been traveling the
world to meet Mark Wiens–

– And it was the coolest experience ever.

– When I saw Mark Wiens
would come to my hometown,

I cried of happiness.

To meet Mr. Tender in our
hometown is a dream come true.

Thank you so much for coming here, Mark.

– Thank you so much.

– Last handshake of the day.

– Nice to meet you.

Awesome to meet you.

Bye bye, guys.

We are back at the metro station,

and we are going to back
home, to Fridhemsplan.

(upbeat instrumental music)

We made it back to Fridhemsplan,

we are gonna walk back now to our hotel.

Now, on the way back to our hotel,

we can see across the
intersection, some fruit stalls.

(employee speaking foreign language)

We ended up buying two
boxes of strawberries

right as they were closing.

And these are the last two boxes.

And I think right now during
summer is strawberry season

in Sweden, so the strawberries
should be nice and fresh

and ripe, and sweet.

I will test them as soon
as we get back to our room.


It’s so juicy and so sweet.

This is my very first trip to Sweden,

and today has been my
full day in Stockholm,

and today has been just
absolutely beautiful weather,

and I know the winter can be
extremely harsh in Stockholm,

in the wintertime, but
this time in the summer

is so beautiful.

I’m gonna end the video for today now,

thank you all very much for watching,

please remember to give
this video a thumbs up,

and also make sure you subscribe

if you’re not already subscribed,

and I will see you on the next video,

thank you again for watching.


And those pickled onions.

Oh, and I didn’t even
realize, I’m using two forks!

It would definitely help to have a knife,

but I will try to–

– [Ying] Just bite it, Mark.

– Just bite it?

Okay, Ying says, I’m just
gonna take a bite out of it.

The next market that we
are walking to is called

Ostermalmshallen, and I
believe that this is more

of a heritage, traditional market,

kind of a legendary market in Is,


(upbeat drum music)