The Best Sicilian Street Food in Palermo

I’m really nervous about this. Are we supposed to eat the bones?

That’s delicious! It’s a bit much for me.

We’re Matteo and Micha, we are currently pursuing our goal of pulling off the Ultimate Italian road trip,

traveling to all 20 regions of Italy
and we’ve started off in Sicily.

Today we are heading to the Palermo food markets where we take our taste buds for a ride, sampling some

delicious Sicilian dishes and trying some uh… interesting Palermo street food delicacies.

Now we’re on the way to the Capo Market which is one of the main markets here in Palermo.

We’ve just arrived at the Capo Market and

first impressions, smells like a market. Pretty fishy pretty… fishy? Fishy.

But now we’re on the hunt to find all the weird and wonderful foods Palermo has to offer.

Smells like fish still.

I think this place might be a winner for our first stop.

Typical Palermo Food?

Bacon and onion, fried. Seafood, typical Sicily. Potato. Arancini. Eggplant Parmesan.

Which one do you like?

Capu for Capo.

We just spotted this cute little sit-down restaurant and our friend here helped us select

some things to try and we’re really excited to try them. So first up we’re trying this pork and pickle.. oooh more’s coming!

I think we’re going to run out of room on the table, thank you. Let’s squeeze some lemon on there.

Oh my god that’s a tough lemon, can
you do it, I can’t.

I told you it’s hard.

From what I understand, it’s pork and pickle and I think one other thing but it’s been deep-fried.

Gathered a crowd.

That’s like an explosion of flavor. I think there’s also green onion in it maybe.

It’s delicious, there’s such a different mix of flavors in the middle and we love anything deep-fried, don’t we?

I do like it, I’m a bit scared for the fish coming up but this is a good for now.

Got more food, getting more and more and more.

I think me and Matteo both love these because he just took them from me and I almost didn’t get another one.

I really could eat a whole plate of these. Oh no, all that is left is lettuce.

So I don’t mind fish so I think this should be okay, I know Matteo is not looking forward to it.

It seems like it’s fish deep fried with some sort of herbal leaf.

I don’t know how to explain what this is. It’s ground-up if you see

here it looks like it’s like ground up
fish that’s been deep-fried or something.

I think the man is telling me to eat it so i’ll listen to him.

I think you put a little tomato with it,

If you get this, you have to have it with the tomato which just freshens up the entire plate. After a few bites, I definitely like this more.

What’s in the middle? I told you I don’t know.

Two things that I’m not a huge fan of are just raw tomato and fish, maybe they’ll taste better together.

That’s delicious! Do you like it really?!
Whatever’s in the center balances out the fish

I approve this fish meal. I don’t think
it’s very fishy, I think only the outside

is like rolled in fish and the inside has stuffing. So something different, but delicious.

Never thought I’d see the day when Matteo eats fish and tomato, let alone in the same bite.

So I think this place is a winner so far.

Over here we have something called Sfincione,

which is like a pizza but apparently
it’s done differently.

Smells delicious.

It is a lot like a pizza but here in italy they do a thin base for the pizza, this is

this is thicker almost like focaccia. It seems to have some pretty simple ingredients so it’s

just really fluffy bread, tomato, oregano, looks like there’s some sauce on there but I guess the best

way to describe it would just be a pretty
simple pizza, it’s really delicious though.

It’s a fluffy pizza, that’s a winner.

It doesn’t seem like they had any normal beers sitting here so I got something I’ve never seen before.

it’s called ‘U-Capu’ looks like a craft beer.

It’s foaming already.

This is the foamiest beer I’ve
ever seen, I poured it to an angle

and still, the whole thing just fills up with foam.

This is the first beer i’ve ever tasted where
the beer actually tastes like molasses, like

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the black molasses that my dad used to pour into the hay bales for our cattle. Quite weird, it’s a kind

of weird taste but I mean I like it, I like beer.
not that IPA American stuff but this one’s good

I’m a huge fan of eggplant so i’m really excited to try this one in particular.

I think there’s cheese in it.

Okay, I think there’s definitely cheese in it,
but I don’t think it’s cheese I like. Maybe it’s

gorgonzola, I really don’t like gorgonzola. I think if you like strong cheese you would like this but

I don’t like strong cheese, it’s a bit much for me I think Matteo might like this one more than me.

That is strong. I told you. I don’t think it’s
gorgonzola though, I think it’s like… it might be

a blue cheese-type vibe. I don’t really know cheeses that well but that is strong, it’s rich, I like it.

Cheese and eggplant, I mean you can’t not like it.

Unless you don’t like strong cheese.

I’m pretty sure this is a deep-fried piece of cheese, maybe mozzarella? No, it’s potato.

Deep-fried potato.

That’s a winner.

Next up we actually know what this one is, it’s an arancini,

and it’s basically a deep-fried rice ball but
I’m not sure what’s in the middle of this one.

It’s your classic butter Arancino.

So it’s basically just rice and butter, deep-fried into a ball.

Very yummy.

The best way to describe this one is like an artichoke pie.

That’s like a lot of artichoke. I like artichoke but maybe not in massive chunks.

It’s like biting into the artichoke heart, like the inside.

I think michelle will like it but for me not so much, I’m not a huge fan.

And we have an orange salad over here, this orange salad is mixed with onions and oregano so that’s different.

Different but refreshing.

I love artichoke so I’m excited about this one.

That is thick.

It’s a lot of artichoke.

I do, I love artichoke but I feel like I just bit
into one.

Last thing I have to try.

Orange and onion, who would have thought?

It’s not bad, it’s refreshing in a really odd way.

We are so full but we hate wasting food so we’re trying to finish all of it.

It’s a good thing I wore my stretchy pants.

In a lot of places in Palermo we’re seeing these seafood cones, it’s literally just

a cone filled with seafood and fries and it looks amazing.

This is a Panella and it’s basically a chickpea fritter from what we understand. Very big in Palermo.

It’s very thin as you can see, I think the chickpeas’ just squashed and fried.

It doesn’t have as much flavor as the other foods we’ve tried so far but it is really good.

So I don’t  think these ones are freshly fried because they’re a little bit soggy inside but maybe that’s

what they’re actually supposed to be like. It is squashed chickpea flour. I do like the flavor though.

That place we were sitting at is called ‘Sit and Mancia’. Surprisingly my favorite food there was

the fish which is a real weird shock but it did taste delicious with the tomato, it made it a bit less fishy.

The thing I didn’t like the most was definitely the artichoke.

I’m not a huge fan of artichokes so biting into a full-on heart is a bit of a different story.

What was your favorite food? I love the fried potatoes, my least favorite one was definitely the

eggplant stuffed with cheese, we can’t figure out if it’s blue cheese or gorgonzola, normally I love

eggplant but that cheese was just too much for me. All in all though everything was pretty good, yeah.

Now that we’re done stuffing our faces at the Capo market, I’m not sure how much room we have

left in our stomachs but there are two street foods we have to try, so we’ve come to the second

street food market in Palermo called la Vucciria market and we’re pretty nervous about this one.

I’m really nervous about this.

Is it strange or good? Good!

So what is it again? it’s intestine?

It’s the… it’s the intestine of… it’s veal intestine.

This is something called Stigghiola, it’s veal intestine rolled in the fatty part of the stomach.

Palermo or Sicilian?

and it’s a Palermo street food delicacy.

Apparently, they rub the veal fat on
the grill to give it this white

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puffy smoke that looks pretty dramatic.

Apparently, if you’re having Palermo street food this is

something you have to try so just gonna overlook my fear of it, and we’re just gonna go for it.

You first up, I’m sorry. Why are
you making me go first I’m the girl?

You’re definitely first up. So Matteo’s making me go first because he’s such a gentleman

I’m just gonna not think about it and just pick a nice cooked piece.

I’m not gonna think about it.

Okay ready, let’s go.

Very chewy.

Very strong.

Apparently the more you chew it the stronger the taste is.

But it is good, it tastes like the chargrill from the grill.

I just feel like I’m just chewing and chewing and it’s not going down.

I don’t hate it. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that i don’t hate it, I’m also trying not to think about what it is.

Still chewing.

It’s not terrible. It might be an acquired taste.

but actually, it’s not bad, not bad, let’s
see what Matteo thinks.

That’s a huge piece.

What a weird texture.

It’s like, first a flavor explosion in your mouth. You can taste the grill but the texture is getting

me a little bit, and very chewy as you said, very, very, very chewy. I’m very on the fence right now.

Bit of a weird aftertaste. I don’t like the texture. The flavors is there, why did he have to give us a

whole string of this stuff? I would just take the tip and I would’ve eaten the tip and would’ve been happy.

It coats your mouth in a layer of fat, it’s very strange, very strange.

I’m not a fan of the aftertaste. I do not, I do not like that aftertaste. That’s like…

We need a beer or a… I don’t know how to balance this flavor out.

Looks intense.

This is something called Pani câ meusa, and it’s basically a concoction of veal throat, spleen and lung.

So we did have to come to the alleyway to
try this one because my stomach is feeling

a bit uneasy about this. A little bit of throat spleen and lung does not sound like my morning routine.

I’m worried about this I’m not gonna lie. if I lose all excitement just understand.

You can see where the lung grooves are and… well here goes nothing then.

It doesn’t taste bad… I cannot do these textures.

You look shook.

I do not enjoy those textures, hey. Maybe take a smaller bite than I did.

I think I’m good.

Don’t think about it.

I’m trying not to look disrespectful.

It’s just meat. It’s just meat. It’s just meat.

I don’t like it.

My mouth has literally physically stopped me from chewing.

Okay, if you try and forget what meat it
is, I guess it doesn’t taste that bad.

But I think it’s because I know what it is
that I physically feel like I can’t swallow it

So ultimate decisions, we’re not fans of any other parts of the animals. I normally don’t

even like veal anyway, now I’ve just eaten all of its insides… we’re really sorry. I wish I liked it.

That was definitely one of the more uncomfortable meals I’ve had in a very long time.

Maybe ever. But now to reward ourselves we are getting gelato but we’re leveling it up.

We seem to have stumbled across the street where you come and kit out your house to build your couches and

curtains and stuff like that.

Cappadonia gelato is known as one of the best gelato spots

in Palermo and arguably all of Italy. You can definitely taste the difference in this gelato,

it’s not like a normal gelateria where you walk in and all the gelato is there for you to choose from,

they’re kept in these metal containers because the chef only uses the seasonal ingredients, so the

gelato flavors are changing every season because he’s always using what’s currently in season.

The best way to end any meal in Italy is
gelato but if you really want to level up

your gelato game, you get it stuffed into
a brioche and you can get cream on top.

So we thought there couldn’t be a more perfect way to end the day than brioche stuffed gelato.

I got chocolate and stracciatella. Stracciatella is basically like vanilla but it’s got chocolate chips in it.

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And I got pistachio and dark chocolate…
but you didn’t get cream on yours, no cream, no cream.

I’m so full. All in all, definitely the best gelato we’ve ever had in Sicily so far.

I’m feeling pretty heavy right now, don’t
know how we managed to fit the gelato in

but all in all, we’ve had a very successful street food tour day in Palermo.

We’re on our way back to the little market to see what they have at night.

I like seafood but that smells intense. If
you had to cook seafood in seafood that’s

what that smells like right now, like heavy seafood.

See, the problem with ordering is we don’t actually know what we’re ordering…

Is this a melanzane slice or a crab? Who knows, it’s basted.

La Vucciria market is pumping. We were also here last night and mind you it was Tuesday,

today is Wednesday and it’s after 9pm
and people are out in full force just

enjoying the food and the vibe and
honestly, I’m pretty in love with it.

This is your fish.

I’m like a refined Italian with my little plastic cup,

back in South Africa, we drink by the bottle, not by the little plastic cup. This is a little bit

smaller than a quart, for those out there this is 660 mils or 66 centiliters, I think that’s what

it’s called, back home we have them at 750, 75, this is 66, the Italian beer but you drink it by the plastic cup.

Supposed to be shared, but Michelle and I don’t share beers, like she needs to drink faster.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m very worried about the seafood. I only eat like

half the food in the ocean, not all of it and they’ve got like little anchovies and

sardines and stuff, and coming from South Africa sardines are used to fish for other fish in the

ocean and well we don’t eat those so this
is going to be interesting, I’m going to eat bait.

So we just ordered a mix of stuff, I told him we just wanted a mix of everything.

We seem to have gotten anchovies, shrimp, calamari…

I’ve never ever eaten an anchovy so if there’s like a spine or something in here and I’m not

supposed to eat like the entire thing well I’m about to be very wrong but here’s the first

taste of an anchovy, look it’s like a
little anchovy. Okay, here we go.

Are we supposed to eat the bones? There’s a lot of bones.

I don’t think I’m supposed to eat the whole thing.

Okay, not a fan. Not a fan, very bony

The flavor wasn’t actually that bad but the bones really throw me off.

But uh I’ll give it a five out of ten for
me, bones minus the other five, and very fishy.

I accidentally cut my anchovy in half. So we got calamari

Very good.

I’m experiencing a whole world right now.

The second anchovy is a lot better, I learned now to just crush all the bones in one go

So I really love seafood and salmon and all
that good stuff, but it does freak me out in

Europe when I order something and it comes with the head, like this shrimp, it just makes me sad.

What crustacean is this? Tonight I’ve tasted more than I have in the last 28 years of my life.

It’s quite a good experience, I like it. I feel like I’ve upgraded in life.

I’m just tasting that ocean food freshly deep-fried like they did back in the day.

I swear on Neptune’s life I just ate an entire school of anchovies, like their body and all…

By the way, leave a comment if you’re not supposed to eat the spine but I mean, I don’t know.

So recap on our seafood tour, we come from places where seafood is actually quite

deboned and de-headed, and well we found that pretty intense, it’s quite a cultural

experience not gonna lie but probably won’t order it again in a hurry. I realized I don’t

like little… What are those little fishies? anchovies. Anchovies, and well I’m just going to stick to the

little calamari, little tentacle people from after this, I like calamari. Calamari is good.