Peace be upon you Bohemian Family.

I hope you’re having a delicious day.

It’s Mino and I’m in Casablanca, the biggest city in Morocco.

Wow! I’m so excited to be here.

Today we are going to try amazing food of Casablanca.

Are you ready? Yalla!

It looks like a castle.

Peace be upon you.

They prepare couscous in a huge pot and it looks so yummy.

Peace be upon you.

Is this small Msemen? / Yes.

Looks good!

He raised the teapot higher and higher above the glass

to help the tea become nice and frothy.





It’s Khlea with eggs / Very well.


This is fried eggs with preserved meat.

It’s like moroccan beef bacon.

It’s Sfenj which is deep fried donut.

Amlou is composed of honey, almond paste and Argan oil.

It’s very rich and sweet nutty taste.

This is Moroccan semolina bread Harcha.

It’s perfect with fresh cream cheese.

Look at this texture of Msemen.

This is Masjid Hassan 2nd which is the largest mosque in Morocco.

You can enjoy the great view of Atlantic Ocean.

A local friend recommended this place.

Let me have basic one please.

Chili, Onion, Olives? / Yes all of them.

It’s tuna sandwich.

Crispy bread with fresh olives and tuna.

Oh it’s hot!!

Friday prayer has just finished

Someone told me about the oldest bakery near the mosque.

Peace be upon you.

Let me have 100g please.

What’s the name of this?

This is Kaab ghazal jenjelan.

and almond. / Yes it is.

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It’s full of sweet almond taste.

Umm it’s yummy!

Bastilla? / Yes.

This is for Marriage?

No it’s for everyday.


This is Sellou.

Moroccan Jinsang

Try this.

It’s not zemmita.

neither Sfouf

This is Sellou. / Moroccan Jinsang

There’s a lot of herbs inside.

and sesames

it’s lovely nutty taste!

Very nice.

Thanks a lot. / Welcome.

I saw your Oujda video

It was very nice!


This is…/ Camel.

Is this a foot? / it’s a camel foot.

Can I buy anything from here…

Anything you want.

and grill over there?

They can grill for you.

That sounds good.

What’s this?

These are beef rolls.

Mix of beef and camel meat.

It’s cow liver

and heart of cow, / Heart!

and kidney,

Oh kidney!

it’s lamb’s kidney.

And it’s lamb rib.

Let me have 300g of minced camel meat.

Oh that’s the camel meat!

and fat of camel.

Please make Kefta.

Cumin and coriander powder

Paprika powder

and onion / Yes, little bit of onion

little bit of herbs

and bit of mint? / Yes! I like mint!

It’s awesome!

Peace be upon you.

Onion and tomato?


It has a bit strong taste but mint makes it refresh.

The combination of fresh mint with bitter absinthe makes me relax.

Peace be upon you.

How are you? / I’m good.

Wow I’ve never seen this kind of ice cream in Morocco.

They have a lot of toppings for the ice cream.

You can choose whatever you like.

I love this layered texture.

This is a special refrigerator for curing.

It called dry aging.

Were these there for long time?

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Yes they were..but I have more matured one.

For example, this is 2 weeks old.

I filled some liver, kidney fat and lots of corianders.

and spices.

They do it with salt but I do with chili peppers.

Roasted spleen and herbs make perfect balance with the liver filling.

It has spices of chorizo, lots of rosemary and oregano.

It contains 80% of meat and 20% of fat.

It’s so tender and creamy. It’s very nice with chili and lemon.

Now I’m going to put it in the oven.

It’s so juicy and tender. I can taste the wood fire.

It’s a Tanjia but it’s not a Tanjia inside.

It’s ox tail inside.

I love this rich taste of oxtail with thick sauce with lemon.

Peace be upon you.

How are you doing?

Loubia(white bean)




Chicken / It cooked well.


Let me have a lentil soup and a tripe stew.

This lentil soup is very mild and healthy. It’s perfect for everyday food.

I love this soft lung and chewy tripe texture.

Tkalia is one my favorite Moroccan food.

Peace be upon you.

These are for pre order?

Yes, for pre order.

It has multiple layers.

What’s the name of this?


This is Syrian? / Yes.

It’s very nutty and crispy.

What’s the name of this?

Kunafa bel Kashta

How much is per kilo grams?

100 MAD per Kg.

Ash bulbul

It’s 210 MAD per kilo grams.

Let me have 3 of this as well.

Are these all Syrian sweets? / Yes all.

All Baklava?

Some Baklava and some Basbousa.

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This is Basbousa.

I like this sweet semolina cake.

It’s so interesting!

What’s this? / Mahalabia.

Original? Syrian?

How much is this? / 12 MAD.

Let me have one as well.

Soft milk pudding with orange blossom and pistachios!

It contains orange blossom water? / Yes.

So nice!

Peace be upon you.

How are you? / Thank God.

May god bless you. / You too.

Chili? / Yes bit of chili flakes.


What’s the name of this?

Patlican salatasi.

And this?

Patlican yoğurtlama.

Oh it’s difficult.

It’s yummy because of garlics and olive oil.

Oh this is salad.

This is extract of pomegranate.

it’s like sirup.

Thank you very much. / You’re welcome.

Everything is perfectly balanced.

It’s very herby and juicy!

One day I want to go to Turkey.

How can I say delicious in Turkey?

çok lezzetli