Tour of Miraflores – PERUVIAN FOOD LUNCH

hey everyone hope you’re having an

amazing day it’s mark wiens just landed

in lima like an hour ago we just arrived

to miraflores which is one of the best

neighborhoods areas of lima to live in

to stay

in first we have to go eat lunch we’re

gonna have coffee we might go down to

the beach to the ocean walk around the


um this is gonna be a video just living

in miraflores walking around miraflores


my first time to ever be here


so when i was in i was in peru like when

i was in university it was about 12

years ago

and i absolutely loved it i love

peruvian food but

when i was here last time i didn’t

really spend any time in lima i only

caught my flight

i only caught my flight out of lima so i

didn’t so this time i’m very excited to

explore lima

and to stay in miraflores

yeah keep going

the restaurant i looked up it’s called

it’s called oceano oceano and it’s just


it’s just like one more block that way i

believe but it’s one of the closest

restaurants that serves ceviche that i

think looked really good near to the

apartment that we’re staying

and we’re almost there



oh man that’s a beautiful assortment of


avocados and bananas pineapples

we’ll buy fruit later we need to go have

ceviche first

fruit can wait okay yes

this is perfect let’s take a look at the

menu i gotta refresh my



i love it it’s like dry and powdery on

the inside but

i just got to taste it

oh it’s so good

not that spicy but the flavor is amazing

oh wow oh i’ve missed you aki

one this is ceviche de pescado just the

white fish

ceviche this looks amazing

this one is a ceviche with uh shells


are um what are those shells called

horchell all i can think of is the


shrimp octopus onions and fish i’ll

start with just the

normal ceviche with the fish with the

onions with the sweet potato and there’s

corn there too

and get some of the the juice which is

the that’s the leche de tigre which is


the marinade juice the lime juice and

the spices that go in there

oh man okay next bite i’ll go with aji

yeah oh it’s so good

that sourness that like punch of

sourness the saltiness the fish that

just melts in your mouth



that completes it oh i’m so happy to be

in peru

oh man the refreshingness of that oh and

here comes the fried rice

oh gracias rice oh that smells


awesome and we’re still waiting for the

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fried calamari it’s fried rice chinese

style with seafood

again scallops shrimp in there that

looks good too i want to try the

the scallop and if you take a look at

this i don’t know like there’s a bunch

more onions in this one

and then cilantro and then i’m not sure

if that can’t all be scallop i think


i don’t know we’ll try it this should be

enough food right or you want to order

more no we have that

chai chattanooga

it’s really good that perfect

sour salty spicy

wow that’s amazing

it’s good too um nice shrimp in that


you can just take the taste the

smokiness of the wok and then the fried

squid just came i’m gonna dip it in the

aki i


very happy first meal like we got off

the plane

two hours ago and now sitting down for

this meal after we finish with lunch

we’ll probably walk around more

we’ll go to the ocean maybe have coffee

first food was incredible the ceviche

was amazing but also

the staff the owner they’re so nice

they’re so friendly

very good very highly recommended from

here we’re gonna just walk

uh down probably the next place

i want to go to a coffee shop but i

think before the coffee shop

just due to location we’ll stop by at uh

jfk john f kennedy park which is right

like at the heart of miraflores


this is the main road you can catch a

bus here you can get public

transportation and then the

park park kennedy is right across this

street here

okay we go

oh immediately you get that breeze

parker kennedy the trees

the oh man one of the greatest things

about lima is just

the i know there is a hot season but the

right now the weather is just perfect

about 20 degrees i think

and maybe 22. oh yeah and people just

kind of hang out here there’s

benches people are relaxing and sitting

down and hanging out

there’s some romance going on and then

there seems to be

if you look around there’s also a lot of

cats i think somebody did mention to me

that there’s a lot of cats

around as well and if you do oh look at

this little guy

hey guy just relaxing there to the max


and now just passing through this


section pedestrians only

the church is there and then if we go

through this gate then we’ll be in the

central miraflores park

this is looks like kind of like a little


seating section i don’t know if maybe in

the daytime or in the evening they have

little things

going on little events in this area but

kind of like a big

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public meeting place area right in the


i think we’re just gonna walk around to

the other side and then head back

down in that direction because next from

the park we’re gonna go

walk down towards the the ocean

maybe since we’re right here let’s just

stop in the church real fast


all very nice they’re singing right now

you can hear that just echo through the


that’s beautiful and it’s so calming


gonna move down walk towards the ocean

you can feel the

the breeze the ocean breeze coming now

oh man it’s such a great i cannot see it

i’ve probably said it a few times


miraflores is a wonderful place just to

walk around

small little convenience shop here you

can buy your snacks you can buy your

water and over this view though because

you’ve got that ravine because you’ve

got those roads coming into the ocean

the view of miraflores from here is

wonderful that’s kind of like a central

view of miracles

yeah you can’t cross the street here

because of the center

i think if we go down here we should be

able to go underneath this bridge


this is the first view of the ocean it’s

pretty far down there in the

on the cliff but look that ocean is just

spectacular and it’s just

the waves the the breeze

also what’s amazing is that you can’t

even like see the horizon because

lima’s kind of foggy lima is kind of

not always the clearest air but it’s

gorgeous it’s almost

like mystical



this is one of the highlights of

miraflores of

lima is the views of the sea it’s not so

much a swimming beach

but people are surfing because the water

is cold uh but it is like

such a gorgeous scenery such a

just sweeping views

okay we just made it to the shopping

center uh it’s called la comar

and i think it’s open air i don’t know

we’re just gonna walk through check it

out kind of open air lots of restaurants

i know lots of restaurants

they’ve done a good job it’s really nice

like it’s really nice to hang out here

sit at one of the restaurants

enjoy the views of the of the ocean you

can hear the waves down there just

like crashing because it’s kind of a

rocky it is a rocky beach

um and then get over here it’s kind of

more of a

maybe this is the center of the mall


with shops and restaurants and cafes oh

yeah that’s a busy place down there

is it called tanta

looks like a nice cafe with beautiful

views again


the coffee shop that i want to check out


is called

that’s a cool name here it is

there’s the sign at the entrance

peruvian what’s cool about this or what

i read why i wanted to come here is they

serve small batch roasted

local coffee and then the whole menu is

written on the tiles on the wall

standing not much seating but just

standing a quick cup of coffee this is

great a little ledge here

smells really good

oh that’s fantastic oh like a little bit

acidic really flavorful chocolatey cool

he just said he wants to make us a

cappuccino just to show us his latte art

that’s awesome

my name is sebastian sebastian cool okay

so he’s gonna it’s gonna be a mocochino

with peruvian cacao inside also so

espresso first

espresso first then peruvian

let’s cacao around

wow awesome sebastian

muchas gracias man that’s awesome

wow that’s amazing what i love about it

is it’s not sweetened yet

you put your own sugar but that’s like a

cross between a chocolate and a hot

cocoa yeah exactly and

really foamy really frothy nice art

i can’t think of it i don’t think i’ve

ever had peruvian coffee before that was

really good the clock the coffee itself

and then sebastian who is a barista

there he

he took care of us such an amazing guy

huge thank you to sebastian

such a cool place such a friendly place

only thing is that there’s not

seating really there’s like a couple of

stools it’s not a place you want to go

and sit for a while it’s all just


but like top-notch coffee from here

we’re going to walk back to the

apartment where we started we’re gonna

drop off our stuff and then

probably go to a supermarket

which is right nearby our apartment just

to get some groceries for tomorrow for


into the supermarket looks like they’ve

got everything here very modern

very nice tons of stuff

wow nice fruits came upstairs this is

the fruit section

great fruit in peru


hey mike uh you want your shell okay

stay there

like i’ll hold your shell that turns out

to be a very very uh

gourmet very very nice supermarket

really really nice yeah quite expensive

but very gourmet very good quality

and that’s going to complete this

walking tour of miraflores

i think like there’s like miraflores is

a wonderful place to live

it’s also one of the best places to stay

if you travel to lima if you’re staying

in lima

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travel tips on this channel so thanks

for watching

and i’ll see you on the next video