Travelling Srinagar, Pahalgam

Hello, viewers welcome to our channel.

Today I have reached Srinagar. And now at Srinagar’s Dal lake.

Can you see this? This is the complete Dal lake.

I’m having so much fun as the weather is so calm to roam about.

It was too sunny yesterday and couldn’t make out.

Actually I reached here yesterday

but it was too sunny hence couldn’t visit.

Today the weather is so warm, the only thing has happened with us

the markets over here are closed.

Maximum shops are closed only a few are open.

So today I’ll share with you the fascinating Dal Lake, Srinagar and Kashmir.

So, friends, it was a pleasant morning and the

growling sound from our stomach made us reach at a small restaurant “Punjabi Haveli”.

Here we ordered a thick Aloo(potato) Paratha and Mixed Paratha.

After finishing a scrumptious break-fast we got out to see that “Kulfis” are being sold out here.

And friends Srinagar’s Kulfi tastes so different and is so special.

The taste was so good also,

by the way, they prepared we received the complete taste of ‘Khoya’. It was so refreshing.

Now, friends, we have come to Chashme Shahi.

What is so famous here?

I have a friend of mine Vishal Sir

What is so special about this garden?

Here is Chashme Shahi, the water is found to be very fresh.

It is found to be pure right?

Means, it is said that if get soaked in this water most of the diseases are cured. So, ha..

So we will make bhai also drink some water. He much is quenching for thirst.

Yea very much.

So Come let’s move upstairs and I’ll show you this beautiful garden.

So, friends this is the small garden of Chashme Shahi.

Here, there are many flowers.

It’s so lovely.

And as you can see from there, we drank the spring water.

The complete Srinagar lies behind these beautiful mountains.

While tripping we didn’t realize that it became noon and we were starving like anything.

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In this time we arrived at a restaurant nearly at Lal Chowk named “Mughal Darbar”.

As you can see the ambiance of this restaurant is so calm and we have reached here to have our lunch.

So, viewers now we are at Mughal Darbar which is at Lal Chowk. At Lal Chowk right?

Mughal Darbar restaurant at Lal Chowk. Here we have ordered a special dish.

I’ll list you the names because the name of the dish is quite unique.

we have ordered this “Marchwanga Kurma”

for a full plate at ₹420

and one we have ordered a “Seek Kabab”.

As our food arrives I’ll show you how the dish is

also, this is quite a good restaurant as the interiors are so well designed.

And yea we’ll taste it and check how it is.

We have reached here to enjoy the authentic taste of Srinagar,

to taste Kashmiri dishes, so we’ll check how it tastes.

And as it arrives I’ll show you.

So, viewers, we have ordered one Marchwanga Kurma in mutton.

It has a very unique name & it has arrived.

The other one is mutton Seek Kabab.

Come we’ll taste these two and check how it tastes.

We had to wait about 15-20 minutes to get our food ready.

Hungry bells have already started to ring so come let’s taste this.

Mm here comes our Marchwanga Kurma

along with we’ll take green salad.

Green salad is also there along with this.

And here comes our Mutton Seek Kabab

also along with this we had ordered some Rottis too.

Tandoori Rotti with butter right?


So, these two friends of mine have started to eat.

How is it?

Mm Amazing..

How is it?

Just going to start.

You had Kabab right? Kabab, how was it? Tasty?

Kabab is delicious!!

As the name is so unique finding it difficult to pronounce.

So here we have taken the gravy

and we’ll take a bite of this.

Mm tastes so good and its really wonderful!

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It’s quite tangy (chatpat) and spicy.

Mm Wow!!

It is prepared well.

This Kabab too.

This is our Mutton Kabab.

See it is so.. tempting and we’ll taste this too.

The Kabab tastes sweet ‘n’ spicy right?

Its somewhat tangy too..

Also, friends, if you get a chance to visit Srinagar Mutton Kabab from “Mughal Drabar”, is a must-try,

because the mutton over here is lip-smacking and it is tasty too.

Really it was a great fun.

So now, we have got out from Mughal Darbar and the food we ordered was.. what to say? It was delicious.

Mouth watering.

It’s true right? We enjoyed it. It was fun.

So friends it is a must-try at Mughal Darbar.

If you ever visit Srinagar you should come to Mughal Darbar.

The taste was sweet ‘n’ spicy and we enjoyed our meal a lot.

And viewers if you ever come to Srinagar You MUST TRY the recipes of mutton.

Now I’m at the main area of Srinagar, Lal Chowk.

Unfortunately we came here and friends as you can see most of the shops are closed.

Its strike over here so most of the shops and areas are closed.

I thought of showing you many more things but the shops here are closed and we cannot shoot anything.

So we are just tripping and exploring the city.

Also friends do visit Srinagar, you’ll get to see and hear many things but there is no such issues.

See this some localities over here are playing cricket.

Even though the city is on a strike people are having fun.

Now we’ll move to Dal lake and.. we’ll go there and


This is Vishal sir

And we are going to..

Dal lake and boating.

We’ll go for boating and I’ll show you the scenic views from there.

So.. come lets go straight to Dal lake.

As we sat on the boat, it started to rain and it was raining cats and dogs as you can.

In the rainy mood we ordered a Mutton Kabab.

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We will get many items on these boats. We can buy, eat and can enjoy in between our boating.

So, like that a bhai sahib came to us and he offered us different varieties like chicken, fish and mutton kabab.

We ordered for a Mutton Kabab. It wasn’t much good.

Even though the taste was fine inside it was a bit raw from inside.

If you visit anytime to make a note of this and even you can enjoy like this in the middle of the rain.

Whether chicken or fish if it is cooked it would be better. This is my suggestion.

On moving forward we enjoyed some more rain

During night we dined a variety of dishes which are famous in Kashmir.

These items basically come under Wazwan.

. Wazwan is a multi-course meal of Kashmir in which there will be many items in one plate.

So we tried different dishes like Kosthaba, Tabaq mass, Kabab and Rista.

These items we tasted separately.

Also Mutton Rogn Josh.

Next day we left from here to Pahalgam.

So as you can see we are travelling to Pahalgam.

Friends I would suggest if you ever get a chance to visit Kashmir,

Srinagar is a city area where you can stay and enjoy for a day

and after that you can move out to the outer areas

like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and many more places that are too beautiful & a Must Visit!

We tripped to Pahalgam the very next day after we arrived.

As you can see, the sight of Pahalgam, it is so wonderful!

I had a great time in visiting here.

And to be honest I liked Pahalgam more than Srinagar

because of the scenic beauty like flowing river with mountains so high and cool climate. It is so beautiful. We had a great time camping

here & I’ll show you friends how was the camping trip..