Village Food in Pakistan

Namaste, As-salamu alaykum friends. I am sitting on a tractor in a farm here in Punjab, Pakistan.

Nearby to Sahiwal –it’s a big town nearby. Right now we’re gonna go and eat some famous Punjabi cuisine, some village food actually.

Let’s go and see what it is. I think I have an idea what it is. It is my favorite food in winters.

So, right now he’s making:

He’s cooking cornmeal bread. He is making it on a home-made stove. It’s literally these bricks and…

They’re made into a Chulha which is a village stove and he’s just applying…

He’s applying oil onto, oh these yummy yellow rotis. I forgot the translation of Makki – maybe Corn? I’m not sure.

Yeah, corn. These are corn rotis and I love ’em. They go perfectly with Sarson Ka Saag which I think we’re gonna see in a second.

Oh it’s Zak. Sorry buddy I can’t answer the phone right now.

I’m making a village food vlog..

Look we’ve got Kutta Ji – Pakistani Kutta Ji.

Doesn’t care.

There we go boy!

Good boy you are, such a good boy.

And in here, he is heating up the Chicken curry which he has prepared earlier in his home.

So tons of oil, tons of chicken, tons of spices and it’s all like this is the freshest chicken you can get.

It’s really from the chicken farm nearby.

And then in here we have the famous:

This only comes in winter and it’s my favorite winter food.

I’ve just met one of the villagers here and I want you to see his clothing.

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And there we have the shoes and full Punjabi, full Punjabi…

Great job!

Alright it’s time to eat.

So here we have:

We have:

And, we have butter. So for the butter we’re just gonna spread it on the Makki Roti just like that.

Just let it melt on top and we’re gonna eat the Sarson Ka Saag with that. And we have got chicken curry as well.

This dish is also extremely popular in India, in Punjab as well.

Yogurt as well.

As soon as winter comes around, Sarson gets harvested and we eat Sarson ka Saag with Makki ki roti in India too.

Let’s see how the flavors are, right?

Wow – Oh my god!

Because the Makki roti is so fresh it’s very soft. I’m sure you guys know how hard it can get.

But it’s just so soft and the Sarson Ka Saag just tastes so fresh like literally it’s just come off the field today.

And here is one different roti we have here. This is Makki ki Roti (corn roti) but tons of green spices in there as well. So spicy Makki Roti.

Let’s see what the difference is:

Hmmm, Pudina is in this. It’s mint. There is a ton of mint with the corn.

It’s good.

And as you can see we’re all sitting on the floor and we’re eating together here and all these guys here… This is the Rotary Club of Sahiwal.

You call it Rotaract? We call it Rotary.

Oh? Rotary is for Seniors. Ok, got it.

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They’re nice enough to invite me out here and take me around the villages because it’s difficult to get access to the villages anywhere. Like, in India or Pakistan if you don’t know someone in the village.

You know it’s difficult to get out here as well.

The only difference from the Pakistani Sarson ka Saag to the Indian one is… there is less oil in this.

It’s very less oily than the Indian version.

There is nothing better than village food because it’s the most pure food on earth that you can eat.

These men and women with their own power have planted the seeds, they have harvested the materials, the plants.

And then they have made it grounded down into flour and made it into curry or into the bread. Like literally from land to plate.

Like, it doesn’t get any more pure than that.

And that’s the beauty of village life in India and Pakistan. The farmers, the village people are living these far more pure lives than us in the cities, right?

All the rubbish we eat– McDonald’s, KFC, etc. So much better out here.

They’re also offering me Lassi here but when I’m in the village I don’t tend to touch the water or anything made with the water.

Just because my stomach can’t handle it basically and Lassi is like half water, half yogurt. I love it but I tend not to eat it in the village.

Now here we have chicken as well.

Oh my god. It’s a little sweet, it’s a little spicy.

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Just imagine sweet and sour chicken it’s kind of like that.

If you ever have like a fresh chicken, like a freshly slaughtered chicken, it’s a different flavors than the one we’ll get in the supermarket, right? It’s very very soft.

Very soft. Chicken is usually a little tough right? But this is very soft.

So guys, like, incredible the way I have been welcomed here at the village in the farm here.

And the food–oh my god–like it doesn’t get any better than eating village food.

And, yeah, I just feel so blessed to be part of a farming family in India.

As well as to be able to experience farming here in Pakistan too so hello to my family in Rajasthan and Haryana. To my family in the village.

I know you guys will be watching this and just seeing the experience of a Farm here in Punjab in Pakistan.

Yeah I will just end this by saying…

Can you guys hear the song?

Bollywood happening over here in Pakistan at the farm here in Punjab.