I hope you’re having an amazing day at

smart Queens I’m in Dubai UAE and I’m on

my way to go meet my friend Pei mutton

he’s from Dubai he’s a local travel TV

host he’s just an awesome guy and he

also loves to eat so in this video we’re

gonna take you on a food tour of Dubai

and in this video we’re gonna show you

some of the best restaurants



the Dubai Festival City

we’re gonna go to probably the lone in

Marathi restaurant in the why it’s

called El fauna and this is one of the

Emirati restaurants that serves

exclusively American food absolutely

okay it’s the only one that doesn’t the

Emirati all right cool

so this is gonna be the first stop on

this dubai food tour they’ve really set

this place up nice it looks like an old

market /a a village they have it all on

the menu and I’m gonna fully rely on

Peyman to do all the ordering for us

there’s just coffee culture over here

right so little cups like like that yeah

and then you’ve got the coffee coffee

pot and the person who’s serving the

coffee so I find the host I have to

serve you the coffee I have to hold the

cup in my right hand because I have to

hand it to you in my right hand so the

coffee on the left hand and it’s usually

a little bit like that so you never fill

up the cup and then I can offer you the

coffee thank you and I how do I accept

it in any way you and I need to wait you

need you keep drinking and I can keep

pouring for you and keep pouring for you

once you are done you don’t want anymore

you do this we got coffee we got a bunch

of food that Mizell just arrived

we’re here with payments wife and you

get my car here yeah it’s really really

fragrant because not only do you taste

the coffee but you really taste the

cardamom and maybe sometimes it has like

rose rose water sometimes as well slowly

correct and sometimes they have so this

called ligament legume oh yeah okay and

this is so you you do this mainly for

dessert and you also do it during

Ramadan Ramadan they write this almost

every single day it’s golden and then

you can see that you can see the dates

your fun happened then you can also see

some sesame seeds sprinkled on top

oh yeah it’s gooey on the inside and

there just has that that crunchy crust

around the outside the bread that’s

soaked into the gravy and it gets soggy

like that thank you very much

so this is called city paveed but yeah

and basically it’s a it’s like a very

thin crispy pancake and it’s one we’re

gonna have later with the fish sauce

okay okay but in this case it has it’s

just plain broke up into chunks and I

mean the gravy is just poured on top of

it so it gets soggy like that just all

the juice which is and it’s chicken also

it looks like it’s gonna be more dense

yeah but it’s really really fluffy and

really light and then it tomatoes in

there you can taste like the essence of

the carrots it’s really a really

soothing kind of just like absorbs all

of that flavor

mokuba yeah and it’s a combination of

you can see the shreds of chicken in

there and there’s a grain in there also

it’s almost like porridge looking in in

texture it’s slightly gummy in texture

it’s really soft it’s it is like a thick

sauce but then yep didn’t really taste

the the richness of the of the chicken

in there and Bilal eat is basically you

see that vermicelli over there and

vermicelli is cooked like very quickly

with just like sugar and saffron

simple and cardamom as well and then you

just lay like a nice omelet on on top of

it so a pure breakfast maybe you can

smell the the light aroma of saffron in

there yep

and maybe a little bit of like the kind

of sweet spices like cardamom or alright

it’s really a unique interesting dish

bolt in flavor and in texture because

you got those those noodles which you

can feel every every piece of noodle

and then the omelet and yeah you can

feel it’s kind of like yeah feels like a

fluffy it was like a pancake yeah and

then dip the pancake is a little spongy

a little bit gooey it’s kind of fragrant

and then yeah that’s just like nice

cream cheese good I feel like I do like

that so this one what I suggest is we

have it with the dark serum okay so you

get like a spectator


so you see that you’re the crotch yeah

they’re like little hockey puck sizes oh

it’s really it’s really fluffy really

spongy on the inside it has a crispy

outer edge and then that date syrup is

really really good it’s really fragrant

there’s no one you’re gonna lick your

your fingers on this one

hmm that was really really excellent

food authentic and Marathi food this is

the place that you come can come for

authentic Emirati food they have the

  Street Food in Iran

full range of rice dishes as well but we

decided to eat mostly a mix of snacks

and breakfast because we’re gonna eat a

lot more rice and bigger and Marathi

food dishes today as well so that’s

coming up we just drove through downtown

dubai you can see the skyline which is

always impressive just giant skyscrapers

just reaching the sky within the within

the desert and we’re on our way next to

have some tea it’s a special kind of

team okay yeah it’s special kind of tea

Kanak over here ka ra k okay but it’s

actually kadek ka da k and it’s from

India and what it means is really strong

tea like black tea with either fresh

milk or condensed milk and we get it in

traditional drive-thru and I’ll show you

what that means


so same Cuttack for everybody yeah

David had a backup should i film them

absolutely should do that right let me

come and show you what this and then we

can fake it that we didn’t go out of the

car yeah

just a little kiosk so it’s all pickle

it’s all like in your car yeah thank you

very much 30 yes okay


this okay the stick

are they done did it it was the one


this is a normal one you you just pull

up your car you sit in the AC because

it’s blazing hot outside and it’s not

even a restaurant it’s just a little

kiosk shop right within the kind of a

building a little kiosk a little hole in

the wall and then they deliver it right

to your window so you don’t even need to

get out of your seat you can sit here

relaxing in the AC oh yeah it’s really

really good it’s it’s so creamy you can

taste the strength of the tea and it is

quite sweet but you need that when it’s

when it’s so hot outside you need that

that that extra boost of sugar

yeah the experience I always say is


oh yeah you’ll see all kinds of people

so this cop car just just they go then

the police come in here if you come here

at night I mean there is a line the

whole parking lot is full absolutely so

they come and they just order this they

park over here get out of the car or sit

in the car and what’s the name of the

place dunya and dunya

so show me it says dunya shan pastry the

pastries as well okay well I mean a

second everyone goes how many cups would

want to have per day a few cups per day

yes for many many more than a few I’m

terrible I’m gonna have like two three

of these a day

okay on top of the coffee


he was the perfect way to take the drive

and we are now at a restaurant called

Amara Bunny and this is where we’re

gonna have a real feast of a lunch with

rice and some amazing food oh yeah oh

yeah yeah this is gonna be great that’s

all I got

I can’t wait do they have a communal

area but upstairs they have private

rooms so you can get a little more

privacy you can come in here with your

own group and oh it’s a traditional

dining setting well this is absolutely

perfect for Micah you can take a nap

where most of the dishes are rice along

with a variety of different meats and

Haman was telling me that the Mundi

it’s Mindy yeah is a style of meat

preparation that’s usually traditionally

underground where they slow cook the

meat so it’s just fall-off-the-bone

tender and the food here is most of

mostly Yemeni in origin the food comes

really fast because all of the meats

have been precooked slow-cooked you can

see them glistening and they they serve

we ordered all family-style so they have

a platter there’s rice on the base we

got both chicken which is red in color

and you can see how that’s just

glistening in the light and then we got

a lamb drumstick on top plus a few

different salads and sauces to go with

it and we’re gonna eat the traditional

style where we just all dig into the

central platter oh oh you can just feel

how tender that’s gonna be that’s gonna

be like effortless chewing oh okay you

know oh that is that is the perfect sign

right from there just a clean bone it

just slides out so this meat is gonna be


look at the way this this way I’m just

falls apart oh I think I think a baby

could definitely eat that see see I’m

just gonna tear off this drumstick

that’s all um drumstick we got to share


we got a shirt and all right that opens

it up and now we can now we can dig into

some of that lamb with the rice all

right got some all that lamb is just

crazy tender yeah

it’s just ultimate tenderness and got

the fatty juices flowing oh that’s

flavorful so the red sauce is like a

tomato basically a tomato tomato puree

probably got like some some greens in

there maybe a little bit of lemon yogurt

and then you can chicken over a little

bit just mix it up with the the rice and


you can see the rice is really the rice

is really long grain it’s really long

grain rice so with that tomato sauce

which outstanding because the tomato

sauce is it’s really refreshing it’s

really tomatoey but it’s really light at

the same time you can’t even hold the

chicken without it if you grab a part of

the chicken it will just fall apart in

your fingers I don’t even know how they

can assemble it without while keeping

the meat intact it’s so soft and tender

that sauce is really really good and

then right

grab some of that chicken

and it’s you really you’re gonna really

love just I mean one of the one of the

best things about eating with your

fingers is it adds an extra element to

the to not only the flavor because you

can you you actually get to feel while

you’re eating

yeah it’s so good chicken is really

flavor to pull to UM and then just a

combination but the lamb is where it’s

at though the way I’m is where it’s at

yeah you’re both really good though mmm

I got a good piece of fatty meat green

chili sure which they they provide for

you which could be the the perfect

accompaniment to this could this meat

and rice feast oh yeah yeah oh it’s

really fragrant I can’t do that so far

it’s not spicy but I it’s it’s the type

of chili that kind of grows on you I


so good


and then oh that’s just oh yeah okay

that buddy had some seeds in it so that

has a little bit of hue to it it’s




that mule is absolutely just a stunning

meal and now we are just a great thing

about this room is you can just sit back

on these pillows it’s completely

acceptable that was such good food the

lamb in particular was just the

highlight for me it was so unbelievably

tender and also not only is the food

really amazing but the thing I love so

much is us eating together being able to

share the same platter of food and it’s

it’s like this throughout this whole

region you share a meal together and it

really is a special part of the culture

back into the oven

these guys are mostly Iranian owned most

of these little bacala’s now what they

started doing is they started making

bread right in front of it so they have

like this little space over there where

they just do bread now these guys do

that thin crispy bread called the gog

and they’ll give it to you you can have

its savory and you can have it sweet but

the one that is the classic is just that

bread lots of good oil and in that fish

sauce oh it is super this is something

you okay yeah just from the appearance

of the shop with the random balloons

hanging outside of the shop you know

it’s gonna be good it’s a little grocery

slash convenience store in the door but

you don’t even need to go inside to

watch you make the bread oh he’s gonna

make it right now and it’s called the by


your sauce that’s the worst I’m making

the chips


if that Jesus half-melted


all that was an awesomesauce gonna be

more okay



it’s so hot it’s like molten lava and

chips I’m sure the videos in your that

worships me

my favorite part of him making it is

when he takes the the little triangle of

cheese and because the cheese is half

melted because it’s sitting in the Dubai

heat he just kind of like it with what

all with one hand he opens it and just

kind of like squeezes the cheese and

kind of like flicks it onto the the base

and then after that he has some fish

sauce and this is a local fish sauce

made from anchovies that he sprinkles on

and then oh and that’s my other favorite

part when he finishes he he holds it up

and then he he tosses it perfectly so

that’s the special so it’s the regarde

bread it’s got an egg on top of it it’s

got cheese it’s got the fish sauce


that’s right off the griddle there we go

that one’s for you

thank you it’s super hot here’s masters

yeah oh it’s amazing

oh it’s so good because it’s crispy and

hot and then you’ve got that salty

creamy cheese and then you have the

extra saltiness from that fish sauce I

mean this is a must-have if you come to

divine I couldn’t let you leave the bar

without having thank you thank you yeah

dude thanks to Peter for bringing me all

these pledges that’s a snack worth

standing in the hundred and ten degree

weather and watch me watching it being

made and and and sweating to eat

sandwiches in the buff yeah so this is

going to be the one with the chest oh-ho


or is it if things could not get better

these are just some some Oh chips Amon

they are potato chips he he like

crunched them up in his in his fingers

and then he opened the bag and then


sprinkled them on top I got you

something else all cool

so with that other regard going with the

chips you gotta have lemon so you know

what this is like salted yogurt oh nice

alright potato chips on the inside so

this one’s for you

thank you oh come on the hot sauce too

so it has like a vinegary sourness to it

that creamy cheese the potato chips

which are crunchy you know if the the

base of it the the bread almost kind of

has a dose of okay you’re a dosa texture

and flavor to it absolutely close to it

thank you

mmm oh it’s so refreshing there you go

oh that’s cold that combination is


what a combination and this is just an

amazing stall he is a he’s a such a

skillful chef I love to watch him make

it and we’re moving on

got some water you got it you got to

stay hydrated but the guys here the

whole crew here is really really cool

they’re they’re really nice they’re

really friendly it’s such a cool place


Haman and I were discussing how Emirati

food is not all that common at

restaurants and they’re not even that

many emirati restaurants with in Dubai

there’s so many international

restaurants but when I came to Dubai I

really wanted to focus on eating emirati

food and one of the reasons that there’s

not that many Emirati restaurants is

because everybody eats Emirati food at

their homes and so you eat with your

family and you eat with your friends at

home you home cook it and so it’s still

even a new concept

to eat Emirati food out at restaurants

this is gonna be the the finale of this

food tour today

Peyman also happens to be an amazing

cook and so he’s invited us and his wife

have invited us over to their apartment

and we’re gonna cook for dinner tonight

we’re gonna be making a dish called

Mitch booths all those are lemons yeah I

don’t know if you guys do dried lemon

yeah fully dried lemon like

it’s just like ever

the first step is to fry the fish and

we’ve got some little pomfret fish

frying in a little bit of oil and then

just seasoning with salt and pepper the

fish doesn’t need to cook for long

because mainly it’s gonna cook again but

we really want to use that that fish oil

flavor the whole dish in that look at

the rice and that’s gonna be what gives

the the metrobus a lot of its flavor

onions first onions into that that boil

where the fish has been fried he added

in the garlic and onions frying that

around in the oil and then added in

turmeric the coriander powder those dry

lemons which are so aromatic and then

some salt and pepper in there as well

it’s a bloody mess as well okay

once again like those tomatoes are just

gonna sell fresh coriander as well

all of that spice that rich sauce the

tomatoes are in there the coriander the

cilantro is in there

they’re all just sizzling away and then

you take the fish and you put that back

into the sauce to sizzle away and let

all this flavor just mingle and come


a little bit of water in there

so the final step is to add in the raw

rice and put that in there you cook it

along with everything so all the flavors

mingle everything mixes together and

that’s just gonna be one aromatic all in

one meal with fish in herbs and spices

and rice all together thank you

and as that cooks we’re sitting down to

have some tea and some dates and mmm Oh

tea is wonderful Oh oh that’s a really

really like honey date almost like

crystallized honey thank you very much


I’m gonna dig into some of this rice

first oh thank you and some pickled

shallots to go with it as well oh it’s

awesome seriously you’re really good oh

yeah and that lemon comes in so nicely

comes has this like citrusy complexity

to it and then it’s he takes those

tomatoes in there which have just been

boiled down until they’ve just just like

disintegrated into the rice you can

taste a little bit of the fish flavor

hey man you did an awesome job cooking

my pleasure and all the food today is in

the fantastic it’s good to have you guys

with us really just an amazing day of

eating local and Emirati food with

Peyman they have shown us really great

hospitality and I’ve enjoyed every

single bite of this entire day now when

I say a big thank you to Peyman

I’ll leave his link in the description

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